Sunday, December 02, 2007

Terrible Two's--Happy B-Day SFCF!

Two years ago today, SFCF had our first workout ever. It was a scaled and chopped version of Fight Gone Bad that many of our regulars would now consider a solid warm up for the real workout. Some of our athletes like Aneel Nath, joined us in our first week of training (and should be considered a founder). But, there are only five regulars that were there opening day.
Do you know who they are?

Hellboy was there: AKA Hellinor. Below is her first day.

This is Ell deep into a couple of years.


Congrats to all of our athletes that make up our incredible community.

Coach K


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all who make up the wonderful SFCF Community, it is truly a special group.

Also, a big thank you to Coach Kelly, Juliet, G Unit and Coach Adrian for being so giving of their time and talents, without whom none of this would have been possible.

On behalf of all who know you and have had the pleasure of being inspired by you, thank you.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday crossfit

Olivia said...

Congrats. FYI, your calendar system is broken on your page - definitely interested in giving Crossfit a go, just got to figure out when!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday SFCF. I was there day one (although I guess I'm not a regular anymore so I'm not part of the trivia answer) and, without exaggerating, Kelly and Adrian changed my life. Two more years! Two more years!