Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Do you know how to catch crabs? Put one live crab in a trap and dunk him in the brink. Upon discovering this trapped crab, other crabs will crawl into the crab-cage. This process will continue until the cage is full of crabs. Any one of them could escape at any time if it were not for the other crabs. Often, when one does try to fly the coop, it is held back or ripped apart by it neighbours.

Working out in a place like SFCF is a mildly subversive act. You are bettering yourself; working to surpress the status quo of what 'fit' is. More than likely you will encounter your share of crabs trying to contain you within old lifestyle habits, especially during the holiday season. As humans we are less likely to be ripped apart by our neighbour for such an act, but the crabs can still get their hooks in pretty deep. Don't settle for staying in the trap.

Here's Diane denying the convention that girls can't do 30lb weighted pullups.

Stay Strong

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