Thursday, June 05, 2008

At Full Compression, Create Length

Key Concept:
Seek to create length during peak movement compression.

Key Image:
Attempt to store energy during these moments of peak tension like a stretched spring.

Key Example:
Molly and Erin at lift off.
Note the length of the hamstrings and the distance between sacrum and neck. Length is power.

Don't compress at compression.

Coach K


FilthyBrit said...

Those are some strong women! I wish my swings looked like that.

Awesome work!

Nick said...

Have you ever noticed how Kstar always shows the girls with perfect form, and the men in the dog poo position. I guess that tells all us men what we need to work on.

Anonymous said...

Mike always wins "Best Workout Face". Nobody can touch him.

See you guys next week,


Anonymous said...

Nice job on that snatch Kelly. Just saying hey from NYC. You guys keep a great blog. Hey Kevin.