Monday, June 23, 2008

Double Dip

We use the term 'Gymnastics' to talk about all exercises that involve manipulation of our own bodyweight...there isn't an external object that needs to be controlled or moved. Squats, Lunges, Back Extensions, and pullups all fall into this category.

So do pushups.

If we take the ordinary pushup and rotate the body so it is no longer parallel to the floor but instead perpendicular with the head above the feet, we have a dip position. If we take the pushup and rotate the body perpendicular again, but this time have the feet over the head, we have a handstand pushup position. Ideally we want capacity across all 180 degrees. The pushup is indeed a versatile tool!

Some tips for your dips:

When just starting out, approach these the same way you would pullups:

-Negatives to build strength when the volume is moderately low.

-Jumping Dips when the volume is high and the exercise is in the middle of a hideous met-con monster.

-Make sure you get proper depth to insure the development of the full range of the exercise...shoulders below the elbows and arms straight at the top.

-Keep the elbows pointing backwards and the shoulders pulled back. This places the shoulder in a much nicer position with far less internal rotation of the humerus.

When was the last time you took a dip?


PS Please do not leave your used gum on the sign-in table. There will be a serious burpee penalty for that one....


thebellgirl said...

We need CSI:SF to do some DNA testing on that little nasty gum-booger.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, no 7pm'er was at fault here. We're too focused on proper breathing technique to chew gum while lifting.

Nick said...

I would like to remind everyone that gum is not paleo or zone and therefore should never be consumed by a crossfitter. This is mainly because gum cannot be added to one of Aneel's or Kevin's crazy ass meat cookies.

rock on - The zone nazi

Anonymous said...

I know Aneel keeps gum in his shorts.

Matt said...

Manhattans aren't in the paleo and zone diets either Nick, but it's like a perfectly balanced electrolyte drink for me. 10-12 of those bad boys the night before a 100 mile ride in 90 degree heat is like high octane fuel. However, you won't see me ever putting one down if there's any left, much less leaving it on the table.

Person said...

Who gummed the table? We need a reckoning, LDS public service announcement-style:

But who plays that lovable old curmudgeon, Mr. Robinson? Obviously Boz, b/c he's a lovable old curmudgeon.

Anonymous said...

Just Swallow it.