Monday, June 02, 2008

New Month, New PR

For those of you in the know, June has already begun! That means the old May records have had their time in the sun (or fog/mist etc). Great job by all, but now's the time to get cracking on some new PRs!

Speaking of self-improvement, it is now officially starting the 6th month after new-years. How are your goals coming? On track? Off the rails completely? Way ahead of schedule? If you're not sure, maybe it's time to start that journal. Post your second-half goals to comments.

Looks like K-Star knocked one off the list early (205lbs snatch):



AOD said...

Having a journal is so key. I have a journal and I input my daily food intake and as well as my wod's. I also write down how i feel- sore, strong,fast... Do it!! If done it will keep you on point for the rest of the year. You will make be a machine!

btw- my goal for 2008 was sub 245 fran. Last month i did it in 229. Stay on track guys and gals!!!

Matt said...

Goal - Late October sub 2:50 marathon, preferably closer to 2:40 followed within a week by a 21 squat set at 225lbs.

Nick said...

That is awesome Kstar. My goals right now are simple 175lbs OH (within the next month). Full on Handstand (and subsequently the pushup).

Also to complete elizabeth as Rx. BTW I don't want to show our coach up, but this video is too awesome to ignore. Its Kendrick Farris setting the new US amateur record for clean and jerk:

Anonymous said...

San Francisco is the place for snatch PR's!!

205# is awesome. All of us at Unlimited have watched it about 15 times.

My guys don't believe me about your seated box jump. POST IT MAN.


thebellgirl said...

My main goal for 2008 is/was to do pull-ups. I got 1 kipping PU over a week ago but have yet to replicate it. Will keep on trying...

I have added being able to do successive double-unders and to break 300 on FGB.

Nick said...
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Olivia de Santis said...

My main goals are: handstand pushups (on a bench, down to the chest) & splits. Pullups would be lovely also.

Anonymous said...

Love the goal setting here. I'm with Nick and Olivia on the handstand push-ups. I'm aiming for ten solid handstand push-ups and also increasing my snatch to 155 (up from 145PR now).

See you at 6--as Boz says.