Saturday, May 31, 2008

Will the real Core Strength please stand up?

You may have noticed that we purposefully omit the dreaded phrase, "core strength", as part of our strength and conditioning lexicon. Don't get us wrong, we obsess over trunk strength. We just want to be clear about differentiating what it is we do from the legions of people out there performing crunches over a physio-ball.

So here's something we think everyone of our athletes should know. Mid-line stabilization (drink if you said core strength in your head) is the capacity to maintain a neutral, stable spine under load or task. Elegant right? And not a single round exercise ball in sight.

For homework, ask someone you know to define "core strength." Then do a shot for uttering that bastard diad.

Check out the beautiful spines below. As a disclaimer, no spines where hurt during the production of these photos.

Coach K


thebellgirl said...

Love those fancy pants, Aneel!


FilthyBrit said...

Speaking of Aneel, please make sure you guys get some pictures of him paying the penalty for a series of poor bets with me on the WEC fights last night. He's going at 6 p.m. tonight to do:

1. 150 burpulls
2. 150 pull-ups
3. 300 air squats

He may be there until 8.

You're welcome, Aneel!

FilthyBrit said...

P.S. Why am I always inverted in these photos?