Sunday, May 04, 2008

See Your Future, Be Your Future

Name the Devil.
Call the Ball.
Picture it.
Mental Rehearsal.
Whatever... But by all means, walk up to the bar already having made the lift successfully in your mind several times before you even chalk up. There is a bloody ton of good pre-motor planning that can be had for free prior to lifting that freakin' heavy ass weight.

So do it already. See your future, be your future.

And as a reminder, the opposite also holds true. If you think you are going to suck, fail, bomb, or shite the bed, chances are you already sealed the deal by even thinking it. Believe in yourself, trust your mental practice and physical preparation. And by all means: Don't look where you don't want to go.

That's Ellinor laying down a few ground rules before the next heavy single. Think she made it?

Do you already perform some kind of mental practice? Post experiences good or bad to comments.

Coach Kstar


kg. said...

Word. Nice post Starrett.

Anonymous said...

One time I met a girl that lived next door...

J.D. said...

90% of it is half mental for sure

Josh Cunningham said...

Aneel you are killing me! It is I am in love with the girl next door.

Tony Springman said...

I absolutely believe in mental rehearsal....If you doubt yourself...chances are you WILL fail, but the TRULY awesome performances- the WTF just happened performances are pretty rare imo. When they happen, you never forget them. I was competing in a PL meet in KC and I'll never forget a DL pull...20lbs over my pr and it FLEW up! I remember exactly the elevated mental state that I was in, kind of an out of body state- very cool but for me, hard to repeat.

Jack said...

Check out, too, the Mental Marksman article in CrossFit Journal #64 (DEC 07).

And then of course, ...

Be the ball, Danny, be the ball.