Friday, May 09, 2008

Friends are for...

...helping you out of the hole on your last set of ring dips:

...getting your ass off the ground while you grind through those pistols:

...making sure your handstand pushups don't turn into a make-out session with the stall-mats...

What are your friends at SFCF for?

See you at 6,


J.D. said...

i Hate that workout with all bones in my body passionatly. BTW we did HSPU again sat morning... i hate my life.

And whoever that is in the last pic thats freaking awesome.

Adrian said...

That's Margaret. Her and Nora workout with me outside of the open-class time. They are both bad-asses.


Anonymous said...

A huge THANKS to all of my SFCF friends. You guys are inspiring and make me want to work HARD.

MY SFCF friends are for cheering me on to go faster/harder (or sometimes just to finish the workout.) Being part of the SFCF tribe makes me want to show up and put out (and that's not always pretty folks . . .)

Without you guys I'd still look like the guy in the Colorado shirt from Thursdays post!

See you Monday!