Friday, May 23, 2008

Mmmmm Thrusters!!

Who doesn't like these potent little power-producers? All you have to do is couple a heavy object with about 5 (or so) feet of human-powered travel per-rep and viola, instant gas-face! Isn't it nice to know that fantastic fitness can come in such an elegant little package?

Weather it was a hot-date with Fran or a frolic with Jackie, every crossfitter has a special place in their heart for the big T. And when you love something, you can't deny it. So, how did you learn to stop worrying and love the thruster?

Thrust on un-ashamed,



thebellgirl said...

What, no comment-love regarding thrusters? Is it the holiday? Or is it that these things never fail to kick ass during the workout through day +2?

James M said...

I subjected myself to these and burpies for my home workout;dlfkj.