Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Do We Have Here?

Katherine setting the pace for the day ahead. Note the truly overhead position. Nice!

Adam after gutting it out and not backing down.

J.D.'s secret to success. Gives at least +10 to any weightlifting/trans-am related activity...probably -10 to any running/sensitivity related activity

One more reason to put your weights down they don't land on someone not so nicely!

All in a days work!

See you bright and early,


Josh Cunningham said...

JD's dedication to the mustache has certainly earned him the right to rock a Trans-Am with t-tops, in his honor we may need to resurrect the Mustache Ride workout from Corby.

Aaron said...

Forty-two people did that workout yesterday. When did CF get so popular?

Props to Adam for gutting it out at the end, finishing well, and not quitting.

Matt said...

When Aaron isn't counting names on the board, he's secretly working out, aka, "The Closet Trainer," or just CT, which is the only way I can figure how he crushed me like Ukraine last night.

Nick said...

I agree, I saw your time Aaron. That is freaking awesome.

Olivia de Santis said...

Katherine's back = awesome.

Aaron's time = amazing.

My arms today = noodles.

Aaron said...

"You know what the Ukraine is? It's a sitting duck. A road apple. The Ukraine is weak. It's feeble. I think it's time to put the hurt on the Ukraine."

J.D. said...

I agree... shoulders feel like a 4hr braised pieces of meat. all conecteve tissues are now officially broken down and tender after 3 days going overhead

Josh Cunningham said...

Luckily for JD the mustache is still intact and staying strong!

Ritu said...

Everyone speaks of Crossfit as being a family and I certainly feel that way when I go to my home gym in Milpitas. However it was nice to see that it applies across the board .Yesterday 7pm was my first visit to Crossfit SF and it was great to feel so welcomed ! Thanks guys! Thanks coach Kevin for the kipping p.u. tips ! I'll keep practicing!

See ya all soon.