Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paradise Found

Coach K,

Que pasa?

Ok, a little overdue (sorry, no internet for 6 days... welcome to Costa Rica)... here are pictures of me "goating" on the beach with burpies and running.

My parents were in town and my mother was timing my burpies and continuously telling me how crazy I am. Loco baby, loco.

While I still GOAT burpies, with the ocean breeze and beautiful scenery they somehow seem slightly less repulsive... notice I said slightly. But they are a little more challenging in the sand, so maybe they will seem easier when I return.

I really miss my 6 a.m. peeps, will you please give them a shout out for me? Let them know that while I may do my 6 a.m. workout solo, most days I am not officially alone. (Surrounded by Monkeys)

Also, please tell Adrian that I try to "channel him" and fight to push myself harder and picture him saying "How you feeling Becca?" and before I have the chance to respond with a grunt, him answering for me "Never better, right?" The thing is, Adrian is right... the way I feel right now definitely fits into the category of "never better."



Aaron said...

Get sandy! Way to keep up the hard work while you're enjoying CR. That's some discipline.

beccarussell said...

Well, living in a tropical climate where you are either in the pool or at the beach mostly every day (therefore in a bathing suit) certainly provides you with motivation. And while Adrian may not be here, he is sort of monkeyish with his agility...so it is kind of the same as my 6 a.m. workout in SF. :)

Nick said...

I can't believe that you are doing burpees Becca. I remember that at your last day at SFCF, we did burpees in the workout just for you and you mentioned that you would never do them again (or at least until you came back to SFCF). Glad to hear all is well.


Anonymous said...

Becca-I love your blog, I read it yesterday. You're missed on the 6am crew. See you in the fall!