Thursday, May 01, 2008

Aristocacy of Suffering

“Man, as the animal that is most courageous, most accustomed to suffering, does not negate suffering as such: he wants it, even seeks it out, provided one shows him some meaning in it, some wherefore of suffering.”
- Nietzsche

Nietzsche believed that human strength and wisdom is elevated in direct proportion to the depths of human suffering and the overcoming of suffering. Direct experience of the harsh and impersonal nature of the universe leads to a unique understanding of reality that sets a person above and beyond the comparatively shallow belief systems and illusionary hopes of the mass of humanity.

Ready for a gut check?
J.D. Cafaro 315lbs. x 22.
Now reigning SFCF suffering Prince.

coach Kstar


Adrian said...

That is sweet! We should get a crown (or at least a tiara) for Jd. I'm digging the Freddy N. too.


Steven said...

Way to go JD! Impressive!!

Matt said...


Travis said...

way to go Jdizzle

Anonymous said...

I have a crunk cup at home that says "Balla" in fake diamonds. I feel as though JD should be drinking his crunk juice from that Goblet of the squats gods after this performance. The 22nd rep was probably torture. Way to go JD, my mentor, my captain, my squat king.


Nick said...

Yeah, I must say that is absolutely out of control. Way to go JD.

Aaron said...

Great job JD. I hear there was video made? Let's get that up here!

Last night, courtesy of Adrian, we performed the same workout as the morning class. There was a bit of a rivalry, one in particular that she wanted me to take a shot of.

Also, Aneel wanted me to upload the Tabata mix by DJ Topher G, so I put it up on rapidshare for everyone. Click the 'free' button, and you'll probably have to wait a minute for it to download.

Anonymous said...

You win many, many man points for that, JD. You are AWESOME! :)

FilthyBrit said...

That's incredible, JD. You are a fricking monster.

Thanks, Aaron. I was throwing crap around the apartment when I got home last night and heard y'alls' times. I was pretty sure I smoked that workout at 6 a.m., but apparently not. I blame Corrine's weak-ass coffee.

I'm going to have to lift something very heavy to redeem myself.

Frank said...

Lifting 315 lbs is impressive...but people lift heavy thing and JD is a strong guy. This sort of thing happens on this board.

But what is with the Nietzsche quote and analysis. Big K is getting his modern philosophy going. Mental Crossfit.