Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brainwashing, Time Change, and Fight Gone Bad

Hey Gang!

A couple of notes:

1) Saturday's Level II class will begin at 7:30 AM instead of 7:45AM.
We apologize for the loss of sleep.

2) Saturday will officially be Fight Gone Bad so prepare mentally.

3) Just want you to be sensitive to Georgia when she has to get therapy much later.

Georgia: "My dad had me doing burpbees for fun. I didn't even know how wrong that was."

Therapist: "Yeah! Burbpees!"

Coach K


Corrine said...

Will both the 730 and 830 class do Fight Gone Bad?

It may be Hangover Gone Bad for me.:)


thebellgirl said...

The morning after my department's annual party? How cruel!

Maybe FGB will save me from getting so sloppy that I insult my attendings...


thebellgirl said...

I forgot to mention that I called the California CPS...



FilthyBrit said...

Out of interest, how would you prepare for FGB in the morning? What would you eat, and when would you eat it? Any caffeine?

Looking to break that magic 300!

Ross Naughton said...

Ditto Corrine's question. Will both classes do FGB?

Anonymous said...

Both groups will be Fighting Badly.
Same workout.

As for prep. I'd try to eat a solid little meal a couple of hours before hand.
Get up and chug some water.
Remember that hepatic caffeine concetration doesn't peak for a half an hour to an hour. You want that caffeine to be full strength.
It blocks pain you know. Really.

At the very least have 100-200 calories an hour before. Less than an hour before FGB have half of a bar.

Coach K

Nick said...

Hey Kelly -

Why would we want to eat? I am under the understanding (i.e. I read something a while ago but haven't looked it up again yet) that eating encourages our body to use energy for digestion. Granted, what we would be eating is minimal, but do we want that right before FGB? Although it is a mediumish super intense workout, would we need to eat to perform better?

Also, if I am someone who generally workouts out fasted, would I want to eat before hand?

All other thoughts aside, I will "come get some" tomorrow morning.

Thanks "I make my 3 year old daughter do burpees" Star.


Anonymous said...

Your a sick man Kelly. Tricking Georgia into believing that burpees are fun. Looking forward to a 300+ FGB. Chug some water, have a spoonful of almond butter, a hard boiled egg and a red bull. Im ready to go. SUgar free red bull. I might have the jitters upon arrival. By the fist of Poseidon I shall break 300.

Anonymous said...

I also like how you tell us to eat a couple hours before hand Kelly. That means I need to get up at 5am on a saturday to eat to go torture myself further w/ FGB? Awesome!!!!!

Corrine said...

Looks like I will be eating a whole chicken at 4 am!
;) HA

Anonymous said...

Fuel timing is important. That's why I reccommend eating several hours before hand. That is if you are treating this like a race and you are eating a whole chicken.

The problem is, that you have actually blown through your liver gylcogen by morning time. Maybe that workouts aren't metabolically expensive enough at 6am to matter, but trainging at 7:30-9am is a different beast. If you show up in a fasted state, you likely won't blow doors as well in the second or third round. And by the time you actually eat after the workout you will have done some serious muscle damage.

Unless you show up a little wasted like many of our athletes do on saturday morning..then the alcohol is basically a circulating fuel source AAron Dial/Josh/Matt T.

I'm not talking about having a philly cheese stake zone meal on the way over. Just have a 100 calories in your stomach.

Or not. Just finish chewing the wings before the first round of box jump.

Personally I like a little almond butter/red bull smoothie.

Coach (pizza prior to push press star)

Nick said...
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Anonymous said...

Fasting is for adaptation not for peformance on that day.

Don't believe me? We'll do fight gone bad again either fasted or unfasted. IF can be beneficial. Bonking while fasting can be very beneficial. Just don't think you will: set records, not pay the price after the workout with torn down muscle tissue.

And, you won't blow through glycogen in 15 min if you've arrived having eaten a good meal, not having not eaten 15 hours previously.

Our ancestors ran hard after pray on an empty stomach because they had to. Our bodies are a wonder that they will allow for that kind of performance. Because it can happen, doesn't mean that it is the adaptation we are looking for.

Ask kevin about the time we were rowing and I was in a fasted state.


FilthyBrit said...

Thanks for all the advice. I expect there to be some serious CRUSHING tomorrow morning! BOOYA!

Nick said...

Damn, I removed my post, because I just figured Kstar was right. Either way thanks for the extra information. See ya tomorrow. Possibly fasted, possibly full.

meg said...

i think georgia needs to hang out with her own personal social worker, auntie meghan, asap. she and i are going to sit in front of the tv eating ice cream for hours - after fgb, of course.

beccarussell said...

I love that when you asked Georgia to do more that one, she promptly said "no" and got up and walked away. I like the way that kid thinks... woman after my own heart.