Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday Class 8 AM!!!

Hey Gang!
Just as a reminder. Monday's Holiday Class starts at 8am. There will be no evening class.

And, Coach Boz is taking pre-orders for the next small batch SFCF custom Tee.
Bring a shirt of your choice to Boz for a 10$ printing. Or buy a pre-made masterpiece at $20.

Happy Labor Day!

Coach kstar


Josh Cunningham said...

K-star, count me in for a t-shirt, will call you this week for the details. -JC

Sean said...

I'm in!

Unknown said...

count me in

Hollis said...

I really want a men's large and heather wants women's small.

San Dimas High School Football Rules.


Anonymous said...

i'm in for a shirt as well....


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to my masterpiece.


Anonymous said...

Well the streets of Rome are built with rubble, ancient footprints are everywhere, you can almost think that you're seeing double--once I put this shirt on.

Please put me down for one large.


Nick said...

Boz - I want one too. I have a tshirt ready to give to you.


Anonymous said...

I'm in for a shirt. I'll bring my own. :)
Catherine G

J's Ditty said...

IN for a shirt - Medium please

-Josh A