Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's not Gonna Be Easy

Now, that may be the understatement of the year. We all are intimately aware that CrossFit workouts are no walk in the park (and if they are, you probably need to be moving faster, if all mechanics are in check). This is no mistake. It's all about power.


The ability to move our bodies and other objects quickly and safely is really what we are after. Power is intensity. We measure it in one metric or another just about every workout. Unfortunately, producing massive power-output is quite uncomfortable. Ever wonder why there are so many recreational 5k runners, yet so few recreational 400m sprinters? The 6am group this morning knows the's damned uncomfortable.

The question that should be out of your mouth next then is why? Why is Power so important?

Well, intensity really is the key. If there is something that can be achieved by an exercise program, intensity (training your thresholds so they are no longer that) will get you there. Want to be stronger? Faster? More powerful? Have more bone density? Lose weight? Intensity will play an important role for all. Now, we've already established that intensity is power, so power is where the good shit is!

Police at the San Jose PD getting familiar with some intensity.

See You at 6,


PS here's a great clip on Dustin Carter, who came up in discussion this morning. You can find a bunch of clips on Dustin on youtube or google video. This guy knows how to work!


Matt said...

That video of Dustin reminds me of the last time I did the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon, getting out of the water and running to the bike transition, I passed a guy with one arm. How he can swim faster than me with one arm is mind boggling. I next saw him on the bike course, descending the hill by the Cliff House. He passed me briefly coming down the hill. I tend to take it easy on the crowded downhills as there is not much advantage to be had in passing there and its easy to get in an accident. Not this guy. Try riding at 35mph downhill through a series of turns, weaving through dozens of other cyclists with one arm. Talk about intensity.

Anonymous said...

Crossfit workouts never feel like a walk in the meadows. If it were easy everyone would do it. The pain we endure is what makes it great.The intensity that is demanded of each WOD shapes us into different people whether we know it or not. Friends of mine that dont crossfit say its a cult or for people obsessed with working out. I tell them them "obsessed is the word that lazy people use to describe those who are dedicated". "Its not going to be easy" should be the new SFCF tagline. I love that it is hard, and that I get nervous before workouts knowing that fire in my lungs and limbs await. Learning to move quickly and safely with power has definitely turned me into a more complete athlete, and while I now longer play ball, I know that my functional strength and met-con engine are better than they ever were. Anytime I bring a friend to crossfit I will now describe what awaits them with that statement. "Its not gonna be easy".


Nick said...

Its so funny you say that Lucas. I have tried to get some friends and coworkers to come. One of them recently asked me "is it going to be hard?" My response: "it ain't gonna be easy"

Anonymous said...

"The hard is what makes it great. If it was easy, everyone would do it."

Anonymous said...

Or send them to this little essay and really freak them out...

Anonymous said...

Sweet...I took that photo attached to the essay!