Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adam and Cheryl Head East

Adam and Cheryl had their last SFCF beatdown last night and headed out today for a quite life in the northeast. Good thing the fog and wind were blowing!

We will sorely miss two of our most intense, hard working super jocks, who let everyone know that Ultra-Runners are in fact "cool", and that it's always ok to wear green shorts.

Thanks to everyone one who joined us after Tuesday night Olympics for a beer.

And on another note:
SFCF celebrated it's 1000th athlete last night.

Crazy huh?

Coach kstar


Anonymous said...

Glad to have been among the first of the 1000.... Even if I did only mix in three CF workouts a week in between three sets of 105lb Marina Girl.

Congrats CFSF!


meg said...

sad to lose cheryl and adam.

hooray! to reach 1,000!

and even better? now i can start perfecting the forging of mr. 1,000's signature.

Josh Cunningham said...

Adam and Cheryl always brought a quiet intensity to every workout. There will have to be a SFCF East Coast reunion in a few months. It will include the WOD and then drinking in a dive bar until we run out of Dial stories, for time. It could run longer than one of the AoD's running workouts.

Congrats on 1000! Now the secret is out and all the Marina girls will find the place.

Nick said...

The question is how long till 2000???!!

On a sad note, it sucks to see Cheryl and Adam leave. They started about the same time as me and it has been great to see there progress. Good luck on the East Coast!!

FilthyBrit said...

Cheryl and Adam: I'll miss you guys a ton. Cheryl, I've never tasted blueberry pie as good as the one I ate off your jeans. Adam: I'll try to represent for us little guys in your absence. We'll have to crush it in Boston soon!

Coaches, congrats on reaching a 1000! That's an incredible milestone. I wonder how many affiliates can say that? 1000 more monsters unleashed on San Francisco! BOOM!

FilthyBrit said...

P.S. I love how Signor Raincrow is his own guardian. Corrine had to sign for me.

Unknown said...

I will miss you guys. Best wishes as you set up shop. Cheryl, you were the first badass I had the pleasure to workout with at SFCF. Now we can battle cross-country style!

Anonymous said...

Hope the move is smooth and life is good where you land. You guys will be missed out here! Make sure to come back and visit.


Unknown said...

gonna miss you guys a lot. It made it easier to work harder when you knew the effort that would be put forth by you two. Had a blast at the final final and can't wait for next time we get to see you.

Unknown said...

I'm definitely going to miss seeing you guys around.

Adam: You're a beast! I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep up with you when it comes to running but I'll do my best to fill the void.

Cheryl: Gonna miss seeing your pissed off face when you think workouts are over but there are still 5 sets to go. That was up there with pissed-off-Cheryl after the pie incident.

I'll be up to CT to visit. Keep the Rock Band warmed up and the bubbly on ice.

Sean said...

Good Luck in CT guys! I will drop by when I am back east visiting family and you can whoop my ass in a workout like always.

Congrats on 1,000. Thats impressive.

Time to get back to my bicep curls.

Anonymous said...

5 rounds of Cindy + 50 squats + 500M row + 800M run + 2 pieces of popcorn for dinner + lots of beer = Rip roaring headache. Have fun in CT. - dave

Unknown said...

As Michael's guardian, I feel obliged to arrange a Rockin' Party for him to celebrate finishing the CA Bar Exam. Meet us at Greens Sports Bar on Polk and Green Street around 7 or 8pm Tonight (thurs) for some out of hand drinking and perhaps some dancing.

I know its Thursday but "Just Go For It".

For Freedom and America?

Adam said...

I've left cities. I've left friends. I've left family. You do what you must...

But it's never been this hard. You all are the best friends I could ask for. Whether we were close or not, to all of those I've ever worked out with at SFCF, to those I've failed with, PR'd with, and suffered with... you've made my entire experience here worthwhile. Brief as my words may be, trust the immense weight behind them. You all mean everything to me.

Cheryl Joan Sellers said...

I agree with Adam - there's never been a place in my life where I've felt more accepted. When you sweat together, you become family, and every person at SFCF has pushed me to grow into a stronger version of myself. Thanks to everyone, the coaches, the athletes, for teaching me so much about myself. I can handle anything life throws at me because of sfcf.