Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dietary Truth and Reckoning

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!
Nutrition lays the foundation for our efforts in and out of the gym.
You are literally what you eat. So let's get it all out there in the open.
You can gas and burn in front of your CF brothers and sisters and now you have an opportunity to lay bare your nutrition too!

Your mission:
Post everything you ate on Wednesday. Good, bad, all of it.
Rate your day's eating on a scale of 1 to 10.
Zone, no zone, paleo, vegan whatever.


Post a great nutrition website for your brothers and sisters too.

To start things off, check out

Coach Kstar


frank said...

Breakfast: .5 cups of dry steel cut oats

Lunch: mixed greens, tofu, black beans, avocado, edamame

Pre-workout Snack: 6 oz grass fed ground beef (aka meat cookies)

Dinner: Sushi nigiri, crab tempura, sake, more edamame

Nick said...

Bfast - 3 eggs with 1 piece bacon, half an italian sausage and some spinach. Two cups blueberries, 1 scoop almond butter and one apple.

Lunch - salad with avocado, tomato and a quarter of a potato. 4 oz of Skirt Steak. Tossed with a balsamic vinagerette. (From Mixt Greens)

Snack/lunch #2 - 6 oz of ground beef mixed with el pato, onions and bellpeppers. 1.5 blocks of carrots and 2 squares of dark chocolate.

Dinner - 6 oz of chicken made in El pato and coconut oil, sauteed spinach, 1 cup blueberries, 3 scoops almond butter and 1 square of dark chocolate.

My two fave health sites. I visit these daily:

Both are awesome and are worth checking in on regularly.

Anonymous said...

3 eggs
1/2 cup spinach and tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup fresh berries
8 oz coffee black

8 oz ground beef
1 boiled egg
1 cup broccoli
1 cup green beans
1/2 large mango
2 slices watermelon

1/2 cup trail mix

Salmon burger (my favorite dinner)
grilled veggies (eggplant zuchinis and tomatoes)
1 beer
1 avocado
1 large peach

1/2 almond butter sandwich
1cup veggie slurry

This is the best of done in while on my food consumption. I give it an 8. I don't really want to be better then an 8 to be honest.

Nick said...

I didn't rate mine, probably an 8 or a 9. Could use more veggies, but I just love me some fruit.

Ross Naughton said...

Every meal: condor skulls and whisky. No Protestant stuff. I give myself a 6 b/c I'm not sure condors are still endangered.

Adam said...


2 egg whites
1 fried egg
1/2 pancake (...a recent indulgence. I know it's no good.)


Terriaki Beef
(I spilled the rice on the floor... so perhaps that was a good thing?)

2 (two) Odwalla bars (from 1pm to 5pm... again... I was bored)


Super Chicken Burrito
4 Beers
2 Shots (thanks Michael)

I was super-zone from October to January... so anyone "curious" about the whole idea heed my advice: it works. I dropped down to 135lbs... super thin. But you must be strict.

These days I'm more practical and tonight I set an overhead squat PR by 40lbs which room to spare.

On another note... I felt "strongest" when doing Kevin's suggested "natural hormonal diet" in January. But then I was hit with a month long flu and couldn't maintain.

On yet another note... somebody stole my front bike wheel tonight. Then 30 minutes later it magically reappeared. This must be some sort of a sign.

See you tomorrow.

Adam said...

On a final note: where is Carl? :-(

Cheryl Joan Sellers said...

8:30am: 2 fried eggs, 1/2 pancake & sugar-free syrup

11am: 1/2 c. cottage cheese

12pm: chicken sausage

1pm: handful of black olives

3pm: 2 thighs, 1 breast fried chicken, & 1 c. coleslaw

7:30pm: 3/4 super-beef burrito & 5 beers, 3 shots (2 whiskey, 1 vodka)

This was a pretty good day up until the burrito and alcohol - but I must say enjoying my friends before I leave next Wednesday is worth every calorie.

Cheryl Joan Sellers said...

I forgot the 1/2 giant cinnammon roll donut I picked up on the way home from the bar to absorb the 3 shots - Adam ate half of it, so we're both guilty, but full of sugary-goodness to ward off any hangover.

Adam said...

Oh yeah, I just had this giant cinnamon roll too. Nick, I suggest you try it. Adds +2 stamina and +6 dexterity. 26-sided die. Right, Adrian?

J.D. said...

Adam... # of shots buddy = 3 (that is 1 double whiskey, 1 double 151 to follow, and then a whiskey to celebrate the tire reappearing)

7am - handfull almonds and 1 cup whole milk

930am - # eggs scrambled and 2 pork dumplings (i know weird but it was what they had at hospital cafeteria)

1pm - 1 chicken breast simmered in salsa verde plus 1/2 cup borlotti beans

330pm - repeat 1 pm meal

630pm - double expresso and 2 tbsn pinenuts

830pm - Salad from pac catch with mixed greens marinated raw tuna, ginger, sprouts, avocado, tomatoes and whatever their dressing is.

You caught me on a good day, im kinda proud of myself.

Ross Naughton said...

Was only going to posted what I posted above, but I'm deriving voyeuristic pleasure from seeing what everyone else is eating, and I am not one to fail to reciprocate. So:

Breakfast -- chunky home-style peanut butter on 2 slices flourless sprouted wheat bread; hand-sized slab of planked salmon (thanks dad); coffee.

Lunch -- "No Rice, No Beans" burrito from La Salsa (steak, various sauteed veggies, guac, cheese); 3 or 4 large stalks of celery; a carrot; several cups of tea.

Snack -- a foil bag of albacore tuna, rinsed to cut the salt and then soaked in olive oil for extra fat; a handful of roasted almonds, w/ a few chocolate chips; a red bell pepper.

Dinner -- 3 or 4 chicken sausages (lost count); a few pieces of rigatoni; some broccoli stalks; a banana; 8-10 strawberries; 2 glasses of wine; a slab of invincible gingerbread cake (thanks mom).

I guess that's a lot. But I've been struggling w/ fatigue and recovery problems lately, and before entertaining the hypothesis that I'm too old/weak to work out the way I want to, I'm thinking that maybe I just haven't been eating enough. So, I'm experimenting w/ increased protein and fat consumption.

meg said...

you guys are all show-offs.

i have my own private blog with 2 friends and that's where i post all the poor eating habits i have.

this is what it said for wednesday:
b: granola and plain yogurt and coffee
l: quesadilla with salsa, dried apricots
d: 2 gordo bean and cheese tacos with guacamole, 2 weird cookies, and a bowl of cereal.

rating the day? 5?
it's difficult for me...excuses, excuses...i'm a vegetarian, no-soy, hate-cooking kind of girl. and a whiner.

Anonymous said...

Cheryl - you forgot about the Horchata! haha Delish!

I give myself a 2:

1 Americano with Whole Milk

Handfull of almonds

1 chicken sausage

leftover Thai curry with rice
Hummus and carrots
Cheese and triscits


some chocolate cake

almond cookie

3/4 super chicken burrito
2 Corona's
1 Sierra Nevada

As you can see, I am ALL OVER THE MAP. Somebody stop me! Help! I am out of control!!! Seriously.

C. Gravelle

raj said...

So i'm on a zone/semi-Paleo routine here - been at it about 3 weeks - currently at 18 blocks, but plan on taking that to 16 in the coming days. Can't really cook, so my food is all pretty simplistic. I'm forced to rely on my lean, mean, grilling machine.

breakfast: 12 almonds, cup of low-fat cottage cheese

lunch: 4oz of dry/craptastic chicken breast, 24 almonds, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 2 peaches

snack 1: 12 almonds, cup of low-fat cottage cheese, apple

snack 2: 6 almonds, 28 cherries

dinner: 4oz of sirloin steak, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber, 12 almonds, 2 peaches

in theory, that comes out to 189g of carbs (38%), 62g of fat (28%), and 165g of protein (33%). I'll give myself an 8...want to go totally paleo, which means dropping the cottage cheese.

thebellgirl said...

Thanks for picking WORST day in a while--fridge is empty in preparation for vacation.

Prepare for HORROR of HORRORS:

Breakfast: Bunch of fruit and half a scone. Bite of brie.

Lunch: Bowl of veggie chili with crackers and shredded cheese. Giant diet Coke.

Snack: Chocolate chip cookie. Odwalla juice.

Dinner: 4 pieces of small pizza.

Dessert: Giant diet Coke.

See, Coach KStar, I need help! Or just to get my butt to the grocery store. I usually eat much better than this, like a 5.

I give myself a giant goose egg: 0.

Aaron said...

Who went to the nutrition seminar by Wolf? Anyone take good notes to share?

I don't recall all of yesterday's food details so I'll track today and report back later.

Drew said...

Breakfast: Birley's Breakfast Burrito (was a little hung over from the night before), and a medium Americano.

Lunch: Chunky Strawberry Smoothie (from Jamba... felt a little guilty about the Breakfast Burrito)

Snack: Apple, yogurt

Dinner: two chicken breasts, 1/4 cup of brown rice, broccoli and 12 almonds

Started off a little shaky but ended the day pretty good. I'd rate it a 5.

Anonymous said...

4 hard boiled eggs
almost a whole avocado
1 cup fruit

5 oz chicken breast
2 cups spinach, 1 cup onions
half avocado

3 slices turkey
1 tbsp avocado
3 cucumber slices

chicken breast
too many beers at horseshoe


Anonymous said...


I laughed out loud at work reading condor skulls. This is the best effing blog crossfit has, and why it is not famous world wide along with all of us is as mysterious as the lost city of atlantis.....where I believe poseidon spends his weekends. Cheryl is right, I wouldnt trade calories for beers with friends ever. Thats why crossfit sf pretty much is the most magical, majestical and enchanting place in the world.

Where is Carl?.....I know, and it makes me sad all day.


Matt said...

I forgot to eat yesterday morning, but I did have a latte about 830. Then, I felt like crap and realized it was because I was hungry. I walked down to Trader Joe's, came back and ate two chicken breasts and some rice at about 1030. Throughout the day, I nibbled on a pound of brie. At about 3pm, I ate a mixed green salad with egg and bacon. Then I had two glasses of bourbon at about 530-6pm. My dinner was a chicken burrito from Los Hermanos with another glass of bourbon. I drank about 3 liters of water throughout the day. It was my day off and it didn't do me much good. I woke up with a strained back and it now hurts to breathe.

Corrine said...

2 hard boiled eggs and coffee
1 chicken breast bbq 1 cup carrots grilled
1 lara bar cherry
Starving so I had 3 Pints of Beer and it seemed to work.

Brazen head Restaurant- 1 glass shiraz, half salad, french onion soup(avoided the bread), hamburger patty with cheese and onions and a pickle.
Then Michael and I had a debate: Check or Chocolate Cake? We choose the check. Boo.

Matt said...
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Matt said...

OOOhhh. It wasn't yesterday, but when I was in Redding, I got to order the Aussie Fries from Outback, which was ranked by some important magazine (because it's important if I read it) as the worst plate you can order at a chain restaurant. I ate the majority of it by myself. I struck up quite the rapport with the waitress, asking her if she felt guilty for sending me to an early death by serving it. I told her, if you don't like me, you don't even have to spit on my food, just ask the chef to put more sour cream on it.

Where is John Galt?

Jack said...

1 cup cottage cheese
slice bread with peanut butter
handful of almonds
handful of bing cherries
hot water

half cranberry bagel and cream cheese

Noon--felt very hungry
Salad with chicken breast, olive oil, cabbage, cheese, lettuce, etc

Milk and apple

5-6 chicken legs/thighs
1-2 cups brussel sprouts
handful almonds
1 cup plain yogurt (it's gotta be Mountain High!)
More almonds

nighty night.

Ian said...

Breakfast: 2 scoops Kashi Go Lean Protein with blueberries, cantalope, and 8oz water.

Snack: Handful almonds & walnuts

Lunch: Take out at a chinese-american restaurant: 2 Country fried steak with 'secret' sauce (I really don't want to know what the secret is), and pasta with tomato sauce

Snack: 2 mini snickers, 2 mini kit-kats

Dinner: Chilli Carne Chilli (then I noticed that it had 2 gm of transfat)

Score: negative cuz of the transfat.

sean M said...

Breakfast: 4 Scrambled Eggs cooked in melted butter (gotta get my fat on), 1 oz. Chedder Cheese (From Vermont, those Vermonters make the best Chedder), Ketchup, 1/2 Cantaloupe with a glass of whole milk.

Lunch: 4 oz Shredded Chicken with 1 oz. Cheese, Apple, Banana, A Bunch of Pistachios

Snack: 1/2 Cup of Cottage Cheese, Apple, 15 Almonds

Dinner: Steak & Cheese Quesadilla with Salsa with about 2 glasses of whole milk.

I would give myself a 6 or 7. I need to add the snack before bed so i am not starving at the 6am class. Holler.

Olivia de Santis said...

I guess I'll rep for vegan even though I'm not around anymore....

Breakfast: 3/4c oatmeal, 1 1/4c strawberries, 1c soy milk, 1 banana, 2T flax seeds

Lunch: 3c Arugula & fennel salad, dressing with 1tsp olive oil, 1c chermoula tofu fried in 1.5tsp olive oil

Snack: 30g animal cookies, 1/2c applesauce, 8 slices vegan salami

Dinner: Lime chili broccoli & tofu over 1/2c quinoa

Dessert: fruit smoothie with peach, plum, apricot, frozen strawberries, a little orange juice

Pretty normal day for me. I'd give it about a 8 (-1 for overuse of soy for protein, -1 for cookies)

Anonymous said...

Wednesday...? I can't even remember what I ate before the 6AM class today.

Am I paranoid or all of you trying to tell me I need to lose weight? :-)

I'm almost considering watching what I eat, but then again, I do so enjoy being a rebel.

O I'm pretty sure there was a Snickers at some point yesterday. For only eating 1 I give myself a 9 for the day.

And Ross, I am certain that it is my age not my diet that causes me to suck. Well, and there is my general sucking that contributes to my sucking. Look at that - it's time for dinner (m&ms) See ya'll in the AM.

(For Real: Pre-workout: 1/4 cup "regular" yogurt w/1/4 c fruit, 3 egg whites
Post workout: banana

Breakfast: 1 cup slow cooked oatmeal w/almond butter, 1 cup fruit, 1 scoop whey protein powder

Lunch: salad w/turkey breast oil & vinegar w/nuts

Snack: 1 cup organic (apples only) apple sauce w/ 1/2 scoop whey protein powder

Snack: Snickers (so not kidding)

Dinner: Escarole & boneless pork chop

After dinner: chocolate 4 oz? (YUM)

And I am exploring the web sites, and just bought the Paleo and the Zone....we'll see)


Anonymous said...

Pre-workout- 8 oz of almond milk and one scoop of greens and whey protein powder

Breakfast- 2 egg whites, 2 pieces of non-fat cheese, half cup of spinach, slice of tomat, in a low carb wheat wrap

Snack- 2 oz of chicken, 4 peanuts, 2 oz of blueberries

Lunch- two slices of Ezekiel, half avocado, 4 oz of chicken, 1 slice of non-fat cheese, slice of tomato

Snack- 2 egg whites filled with hummus

Dinner- 8 oz of Salmon, 8 oz of salad with tomatoes, cucumber, and olive oil dressing, 6 oz of zucchini cooked in olive oil and garlic

Nick said...

Ok, because no one else posted health sites to read, I am going to post all of them that I think are worthwhile. You have already hopefully been to Modernforager and Marks Daily Apple. For more technical Robb Wolf like analysis go here:

This dude is a PHD who knows a ton about Paleo, and tends to analyze various studies that are done. Technical but good.

Also check out this guy:

Tends to be more Paleo and IF. He is a trainer so he talk about some of that ish too. Also since this hasn't been mentioned yet:

This is Greg Everett's site. Definitely more performance related, however he puts out a journal every month that is great and always contains some good nutritional info.

Also, I love Although they don't write anything they always have great links to health articles and whatnot.

Read up suckas.

Anonymous said...

Molly's Breakfast: bowl of plain yogurt with handful of almonds and blueberries, coffee with 1/2 and 1/2
snack: handful of peanuts,half a banana
lunch:babygreens salad with peaches, almonds, blue cheese, oil and vin. Proscuitto and melon salad. Plate of olives.
snack: shared a peanut lara bar
dinner: turkey loaf, broccoli, 1 sm. bowl of coffee ice cream
pre sleep snack: bowl of greens salad, avocado and 2 chicken thighs.
Here's a site for some yummy gluten free recipes:

Aaron said...

As promised, here's yesterday's intake.

Breakfast: Clif Builder's Bar, 1 Apple, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: Chicken breast and mixed salad.

Mid-afternoon: Large iced coffee (black).

Dinner: Pork Loin w/ Apricot chutney, spinach, mashed potatoes and cornbread muffin. 2 Red Stripe.

Galt? Check the gulch in Colorado; or Howard between 1st and 2nd.

Anonymous said...

I keep records of what I eat every day, so here was Wednesday:

(note, this was not a CF day)

5 hard boiled egg whites
1/2 c. 1.5% fat cottage cheese
2/3 c. cucumbers
1/2 c. cherry tomatoes
1/3 c. fat-free skim milk in coffee

2 pieces Orowheat light bread
Dijon mustard
2 slices TJ's lite jarlsberg cheese
2 slices TJ's plain boiled ham

Ginormous salad of baby greens, spinach, arugula, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes
2 Tbsp Light Ranch Dressing

2 lightly salted rice cakes

5 oz chicken breast grilled
1/4 c. cooked brown rice
10 oz mushrooms sauteed in pam spray with shallots and garlic

1 kashi peanut peanut butter bar

Clearly not zone and I'm sure it's not paleo (can't comment cause I don't know what that is).

But eating this way helped me lose 90 pounds in the last 14 months.

A 9/10 day because I stuck to my plan.

Also - I haven't written yet on this blog, but I so agree with the comments about how great it is. You are FANTASTIC writers, articulate, witty and funny as hell.

- Jeanne