Thursday, July 03, 2008


Just a reminder that we will be having a happy 4th of July Class tomorrow at 8am. So come out and get your patriotic lift on.

There will be no classes Saturday (including open gym).

Have a happy, safe holiday!!


danielle said...

Hey what is adrian doing with that rack so high?

Adrian said...

OHS. Heavy OHS.


Jerimiah said...

That was my cert, Boz was awesome.

danielle said...

Boz, were you pressing the weight over head from your back before you squat? It looks like the rack is so high you could not put it the bar on your shoulders?

Adrian said...

The bar is intentionally high so you can lock out, step under the bar in a partial squat, take the bar out and then squat without having to jerk it.

That OHS is 5lbs heavier than my max jerk, so there is no way I could have completed the movement with a jerk...nevermind a wide grip jerk.

Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

I figured it was either a heavy OHS or some ridiculous box jump thing over the bar. Wouldn't put it past you Coach Adrian. :)


Anonymous said...

Why is there a Canadian featured on July 4th?


Sean said...

I find that loading up from unfamiliar possitions s puts the lie to my fitness level.