Sunday, July 13, 2008

And The Winners Are....

We had a ton of great entries for our essay contest. After much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands, Tamra Bidegary and Nick Hanson were our skilled and lucky winners.
Registration closes tomorrow for Saturday's seminar. Sign up at if you are interested.

Here is a teaser of one of the great entries we received.

Nutrition Scholarship Application: A Haiku

by Dr/Dr

Eating is my goat--
Properly (not quantity).
I want to improve.

Reason—and ration—
Applied to fueling body—
Maximize Crossfit.

Nutrition coaching?
Learn principles, tools to use
Each day, any time.

After 8 years of
PhD and MD schools
There's still more to learn.

Number of letters
After my name doesn't help
zeros in paycheck.

Help me be a lean
mean, diagnosin' machine.
I'll deadlift my doc.

Coach Kstar


Nick said...

Kelly - I just wanted to say thanks for everything that you have given me and our little crossfit community over the years. Also, I know that he didn't post my essay, but I thought I would. Here it is:

For the last eight months that I have been Crossfitting I have gone through a lot of changes. I have met some great friends, gotten incredibly stronger, and have lost 30 lbs!! Perhaps the greatest thing that I have been given through this community was the gift of learning how to properly eat.

Eating is something that I love, but now I know how to eat for health. I have read a lot of information on the Crossfit boards, the Performance Menu,, and about how to cook, what to cook and how to feel better and stronger through those meals. Prior to Crossfit I never cooked for myself at all. Now of the five meals I eat a day four of them are cooked by me. I eat organic meats (preferably grass-fed) and vegetables and have cut the majority of flour, grains and corn out of my diet. As I said before, I have never felt better.

On top of my improved health, my Mom, someone who has been a vegetarian (for a time) and a health fanatic her whole life has also started zoning and eating paleo because of my results. She has seen her arthritis decrease immediately and within a couple of months lost about 10 lbs.

The reason that I want to go to Robb's nutrition seminar, is that I have gained so much from this community about how to eat right, and I would love to learn from the man that I consider a guru. I want to help other people in my family and personal life also discover how they can eat better, and having real scientific documentation from Robb would be great.

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Tamara and Nick.
I can't wait to see what you wrote.


I guess I will be having Donuts for breakfast, and dinner. Yum.


Matt said...

I have always been athletic, but I feel that crossfit, specifically what I have learned at SF Crossfit has increased my knowledge tenfold. I feel capable of achieving many more things athletically than ever before. I will be 31 shortly and am almost as fast and far stronger than I was at 19 when I ran 8-15 miles a day in college. What has changed most since I started crossfit is my diet. This began with Kevin's post about grass fed beef and meat cookies and with Adrian's post about minimizing carbs and maximizing protein. I realized that I was eating well over 1000 grams of carbs on certain days. I've more than cut that by 75% now (on most days). Unfortunately, I'm racing on Saturday and am bummed I can't attend the nutrition seminar. Hopefully, someone takes good notes.

FilthyBrit said...

Congratulations, Nick and Tamara!

Changing my dietary habits has been a huge part of Crossfit for me. I was doing OK on my old diet, but I had a strong desire to really try to take things to the next level in my training, and diet was the big gap in my plan. Once I changed that (switched to Paleo), things started to come together much more quickly. My performances have absolutely benefited, as has my overall health and knowledge. It astounds me how simple the solution to many of the western world's health ills is. Lay off the carbs. They are a drug, and they screw up your bodies in ways you never imagined.

P.S. Although it didn't win, I feel obligated to post Corrine's essay. Krispy Kreme wanted me to extend its sincere thanks for keeping them in business.

Dear The Best Coach in the Whole World,

I started Paleo on March 1, 2008. I was so good until about a month ago. I blame Aneel, entirely. “Corrine, just eat the damn DONUTS!” Evil Dentist.

6/14/08 Weekend- brought DONUTS to a bbq at Aneel’s for UFC. You know what happened.

6/21/08 Weekend- Hung over, so naturally I decided it would be a good idea to have DONUTS for dinner. I ate myself into an insulin coma, reemerged and then did it again. I passed out in the hallway.

6/25/08 – 6/29/08 Trip to Vegas and LA- Michael’s mom made German sweet bread that was from a recipe “written in her grandfather’s hand.” It was even shaped like a giant DONUT.

7/3/08 – Lasagna Dinner with Garlic Bread. We were at a small dinner party and that was the only option.

7/4/08 – Macaroni Salad and that DAMN Krispy Kreme DONUT. I suppose it was worth it because seeing Cheryl drunk and swaying to Journey with a donut in her hand was priceless.

7/5/08 – Suppenkutchen on Hayes and Laguna- Need I say more. At least I didn’t drink a 3 Liter Beer. Never mind, that would have been way cooler than eating Potato Pancakes.

7/6/08 – Lemon curd dessert, Two Crackers (the cheese was too gooey to eat with my hands) and a cup of ice cream.

7/7/08 - Most Delicious Dessert Ever- Pecans, Walnuts, Raisins and melted chocolate with a touch of salt. TRUST ME- DO NOT MAKE THIS. YOU WILL EAT IT BY THE BOWL FULL. Just ask Michael.

7/8/08 - Taco shells at Blue Light. Thank god I finally finished the Most Delicious Dessert Ever. Anyone want a bag of chocolate chips that is left over in my cupboard? I cannot afford to have the ingredients to make the Most Delicious Dessert Ever.

7/9/08 - Dreamt about DONUTS. I am totally serious.

As you can see, I am in desperate need of refocusing. Before my donut craze hit, I would follow Paleo with the exception of alcohol and cheese. A girl has to have a little fun! This past month, I have been allowing myself to succumb to the many excuses I make up in my head. It is time to get serious especially since writing an essay focused on DONUTS has made me want DONUTS even more. Help.

And plus, I think I should win because my photo is totally featured on the blog for the Essay Contest.


Corrine Brenner

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Corrine! I'll bring my essay tonight if you want to read it. Thank you, Kelly & Juliet and whoever else was a part of the selection process! I'm stoked! :o) No more donuts for're such a bad influence! haha J/K - Tamra

Person said...

Hmph! I am not down with all this hateful anti-donut rhetoric.

"I cannot praise a fugitive and cloister'd vertue, unexercis'd & unbreath'd, that never sallies out and sees her adversary, but slinks out of the race, where that immortall garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat. Assuredly we bring not innocence into the world, we bring impurity much rather: that which purifies us is triall, and triall is by what is [deep-fried and glazed]." Milton, Areopagitica.

Put me instead in the Misfits camp: "When I sin, I sin real good." Danzig, "Devil's Whorehouse."

(I'd like to be in the Matt T camp, but I'm not a badass. Say what you will about the merits of carb-restricted diets, 1000g of carbs in one day is f-ing mighty! Wow! That's gotta be at least, like, four Viking helmets full of mead.)

Matt said...

Not only does crossfit serve to highlight my athletic and dietary inadequacies, it also, through Ross N's posts, demonstrates that I am nowhere near as well read as I thought I was. (Although I think Mother is one of the funniest songs ever created and tend to giggle like a little girl when it is played.)

FilthyBrit said...
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FilthyBrit said...

Girl-giggling is great for your core.

meg said...

i think maybe you and i should hang out more. we pretty much wrote the exact same essay. except mine was mostly: "cereal for dinner."

Unknown said...


Thanks for publishing my essay...without my permission. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.


Anonymous said...

Great job you guys. After the seminar, I expect a nice cooked meal from you all so I can reap the benefits of your new found knowledge.