Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So You Think You've Got a Complex?

Push Presses too easy you say? Well then, we'll just toss a few deadlifts and cleans in before you get there. It is one thing to be able to perform a skill with nothing else in front or behind it. As our athletes found out today, it is entirely another to be able to perform a movement 'in-the-hole' from fatigue.

Here's some of the gang stuck in the middle

At the end of the workout, Lucas still had enough in the tank to give an outstanding performance on the slackline. Truly impressive! Lucas said he would be happy to put on a clinic for anyone interested in his advanced slackline method. Must be the lion's mane....

See you in the AM,



Person said...

I'll show you a complex.

Unknown said...


You are truly gifted!



Unknown said...

nice balance... must be that new haircut

Anonymous said...

I saw the feat in person - its those socks. They have an aura to them.

Anonymous said...

My next goal is pistol squats on the slack line


Matt said...


you're my hero.

FilthyBrit said...


Forget pistols. Your next goal should be levitation.

Summon your eagle powers.