Friday, July 18, 2008

See What Pushups Can Do For You

Yesterday's workout included about a million pushups. Solid effort by everyone and great standard of movement! Check out Steve getting to depth and Graham gettting that full extension.

You guys can thank Dutch at Crossfit ATM for that one!

Also, Lucas is taking pre-orders for his new fragrance/musk line, "Hombre" in all hombre. The heart-shaped sweat stain is a nice touch.

Have a great weekend,



Josh Cunningham said...

Does Cheryl know you borrowed her shorts for the workout?

Unknown said...

"Hombre Cologne, by Odeon.... It's made with bits of real Lucas. So you know it's good."

FilthyBrit said...

Bloody hell, Adam! 8:34? I guess you needed to be somewhere.

This will be a good one for me to try in Vegas. Now I know what to shoot for.

Awesome shorts, Lucas. You're having an incredible year.

Anonymous said...

he's got the nacho libre thing going on

Anonymous said...

"60% of the time, it works every time."

FilthyBrit said...

10:07 4 rounds

You're a bastard, Adam. 11 p-ups left when I had to run again! Next time...

Unknown said...

14:38 with four rounds of running.
Not too bad. Full form push ups- no knees for me.

This was a great traveling workout.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Crossfit SF for hosting the Robb Wolf Nutritional Cert this past weekend. It was such a blast! I am still trying to digest all that information. Robb was so persuasive, my husband Scott and I started Paleo-Zone today and have confidence that it holds the key to new levels of performance and health. Thank you Robb Wolf and Crossfit SF!

--Kristy from CF Santa Cruz