Sunday, June 24, 2007

Magical Time Altering Powers

Most people aren't familiar with the fact that at Crossfit, we can actually manipulate time. Don't believe us? We're pretty confident that a minute of hard work can feel like it will last forever, and that we can make a minute of rest last but an eye blink. Check out the crew experiencing Crossfit Time Flux first hand.

Coach K

Saturday, June 16, 2007

What Hard Work Looks Like

The Overhead Squat is as rough a litmus test as there is in athletic training. No one just overhead squats effortlessly. You can be assured that if you see anyone performing this movement that they know what hard training is. There is no place to hide when squatting with weight overhead. Any chinks in your athletic armor will be exaggerated, this you can count on.

Check out the crew from last Tuesday.
And, this is what hard work looks like.

Coach K

Saturday, June 09, 2007


At Crossfit SF, we are fortunate to have terrific athletes join our trainging crew all the time.
We've come to notice that inspite of how fit and strong these men and women are to begin, once they are exposed to our programming we usually no longer see capacity; we instead see only potential. There is, however, nearly always a clear, almost definitive point in time when these potential athletes become athletic monsters. This Saturday wrought the transformation in one of our hardest working new teamates.
To be precise, Coach A and I witnessed a quantum leap in the work capacity of one Elmo Taddeo.


Coach K

Saturday, June 02, 2007


In Crossfit, we are fortunate in that we have many workout "tests" that are repeatable and measurable. In this way, we have terrific metrics to note the changes in our athlete's work capacity. However, in order to maximize our training outcomes, we must set goals that go beyond, "I want to get faster at Fran". Our goals need to discrete and concrete.

The lesson here of course is, that for most of us the training we do reinforces the values we hold important in our daily non-athletic lives. Whether we like it our not, the very difficult daily training that each of us performs at Crossfit serves as potent modeling for the rest of our day to day lives.

Setting goals and striving to achieve them is elemental and vital.
As we approach the 2007 Half-Way Mark, what are your goals for the rest of the year?

Coach K two pounds over his 400 lb. squat goal for 2007 at the first ever Crossfit Total Meet in WhichitaFalls Texas, 5/07.