Wednesday, May 31, 2006

G Unit in the Hizzy for Shizzle

That is, Georgia has started walking. Not just that "hey, those cute guys are watching I'm gonna pull out my party trick walking" walking. No, this is the real deal. It's on now for sure. Nice G!

Daddy K

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Pull Ups. They are difficult, elusive, hard work to come by and, avoided by many as the territory of the unicorn. That is, for many, to do a pullup when you can do none falls into the realm of magical thinking.

Tonight witnessed Pam Lauper ripping off three of the pulling juggernauts in a row. Last time we checked, that's a 300% increase.

Remember Gang. Results are not linear.

Nice work Pam Black. (aka. the Lauper)

Coach K, Coach A


Team 6 on Monday did Jackie and managed to get a few people on the score board. Congratulations to Kim and Geoff, the first CF SF record holders! Remember, the workout has to be done as written on the board for the time to be considered. Great job!!

Marisa and Katherine off to a strong start.

Scott nearly there.

See some of you Wednesday bright and early!


Saturday, May 27, 2006

Play Hard This Weekend!

Hey Gang!
Just wanted to wish everyone a great Holiday weekend and to let you know about a couple of things.
1) We will have class on 6am this monday (Hey Bring your hangover too!)
2) Thanks to the hard of work of Coach A, we now have a record board hanging in the back of the canopy. So, start looking for upcoming workouts that are going to fill that thing up! The only rule is, the record has to be witnessed, and there can be no weight substitutions. The prescribed weight is the one that makes it on the board.

See everyone Monday!

Coach K

Friday, May 26, 2006

Mutants Among Us

This Thursday brought an epic battle of athletes against the original source of All Evil in the universe...Fight Gone Bad. FGB, the Dark Lord of Workouts nearly vanquished our stalwart Heros. But, with Scores tallied, it was proven once again. There are MUTANTS among us.

Helly Boy aka. Elinor

Wonder Twins "I may be a WonderTwin, but it is no wonder you have been elimidated!"

Pam Black aka. The Lauper

Super Nova aka. Tom, going Nuclear on the Rower. Coach K watches in Horror and Awe
(Note the spontaneous lactic Fusion Ring Aura around his head)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stay Gold Pony Boy

Two solid athletes, same task. Take a look at their contrasting hand positions. Olliver on the left is going to have to bring his hands back up to receive the ball. Patrick is already set. If the two are exactly the same height, strength, ability,and have the same fitness, which one is doing more work? Small efficiencies aggregate and ultimately create large individual differences.

Coach K

Friday, May 12, 2006

Field of Dreams

Ahh, tuesdays in May. Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful sunset, in a beautiful park, on the beautiful bay, under a beautiful bridge, and also you feel sick from swinging a dumbell?

Great work all!

Coach K is back baby.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inner Workings Of A Fight Gone Bad

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great few weeks...what a treat to work with such motivated, enthusiastic individuals!

I also wanted to commend you regulars who show up time and time again at odd hours of the day. Whether you know it or not, you're taking an active role in your health. Look around you; most of the people you see aren't. Most people are content to be in moderately good shape, or moderately good health. There aren't too many who make the conscious decision to push past the accepted bare minimum of wellness. You guys have. By showing up you have decide not to settle for 'good enough'. You are setting yourselves up for the future in ways you won't appreciate until you get there. That's a powerful thing.



We can do better than simply being well!

Bernard taking a pro-active stance against poor health.

Aneel enjoying the benefits of barrier breaking!

Anyway, Coach K is back in town, but you'll still be seeing plenty of me around...

Stay Strong,

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gangs of Three (and one of four)

Full crew tonight made for a full workout! Lots of familiar faces created a great team workout, followed by some more handstand work. You guys rocked the wall-ball so hard I had to reset the target...and that was just the warmup!
Awesome group as always. Nice job Tuesday crew!

Warm really!


More oxygen please!

Great efforts all around!
Stay Strong,


A Case of the Crossfit Mondays

A nice little chipper to start off the week. Kind of a rude awakening for a Monday morning, but everything else about your day will seem effortless in comparison. Surprisingly, nobody asked for seconds ;).

Scott and Pam happily chippin' away...

Shoulder burning lunges.