Friday, August 31, 2007

You should see the other guy...

Most of you haven't met Ben "The Butcher".

For the last 6 weeks, Benny has been busting his chops to prepare himself for his first professional Mixed Martial Arts fight. Sneaking off from his Boxing and Sambo training, Ben has been working with us a few times a week. 6 weeks ago, Ben's fight gone bad score was 245. Wednesday August 22nd, Ben's fight gone bad score was 332! Ben's skills and conditioning paid off with a second round Technical Knock Out (TKO) of his opponent last night. Way to go Ben, we're proud of you!

Coach A

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open Saturday

Ever wish you could stop by SFCF in the afternoon and practice your favorite lift? Or set a new PR on a 1000m row? Or just stop by to 'talk shop'?

We're going to be trying an experiment on Saturday afternoons. From 2:30-4:30pm we'll be open. So come work on your technique and make up that workout you missed because 5:30am came too early. Or, bring a friend who's not quite ready to jump in to a class. We'll see you Saturday.

Coaches A & K

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fight for Mobility

Want greater flexibility? Better hip mobility? Prepare to sweat white hot beads. The twin capacities of mobility and flexibility are typically developed only with fierce resolve and iron will.

The good news is that the body will always respond. Always. You may just not be ready to pay the admission price.
Your coaches should be keeping an eye on this aspect of your abilities and capacities. If they are not, ask them to.

Coach K

Friday, August 03, 2007

Beware the Little Coach.

Lately it seems there's a new sheriff in town. Note the small coach in black in these photos. Adrian and I have both noticed of late that our athletes tend to "give" a little more when the "G" is co-coaching. You musn't show weakness in front of the "small coach".

Note the additional intensity on Juliet's face. No way is she going tap out before the little coach.

Eyes on. You'd better believe that when the G gives a demo, you'd better pay attention. (who's that guy on the squat rack?)

Note the height of Hellinor's pull up. It could just be the Hawthorne effect. No cheating when the little coach is watching!