Saturday, October 28, 2006

Circus Sunday

Hey Gang!
For those of you going to circus school, we'll be meeting at the location (see directions below) at about 2:15 on Sunday. Directions (map) can be found at Bring something you can hang upside down in. Long tight fitting clothing is best for protection (and modesty Pam). See you kids there! Bring a few extra dollars to cover your balance and to tip our instructors. Call Kelly with any other questions 415-350-9761
Circus Center is located at:
755 Frederick Street
in the Haight/Ashbury District of San Francisco.
It is south of Kezar Stadium near the Corner of Frederick/Lincoln Way and Arguello
A white post outside has "755" painted on it.

Coach K

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hard Work and Proverbs Remembered

The Tuesday-Night Crew found themselves suddenly confronted with an ugly workout.
Terrific effort all around.
When I got home I was reminded of something I'd once read.

It is not the same to talk of Bulls,
as to be in the Bullring.

--spanish proverb.

It is most impressive to see 14 athletes on a Tuesday night, stand in the Bullring.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who Knows Squat?

We do. Everyday we know squat in some form or another.

The overhead squat is certainly one of the most challenging movements we do, but rarely is leg strength a limiting factor. The problem is transferring the power of the hip and leg into an object so far removed from that 'drive'. The answer? Un-yielding core integrity (and a healthy dose of shoulder girdle flexibility). Oh and of course a rock solid free-squat...clean up your free standing squat and your overhead squat will all starts at the ground up. Know Squat.

The closer you can get your free-standing squat to the diagram (hip and spine neutral, hip crease low, vertical travel path) the easier and more powerful all of your squatting will become.

Have fun and make sure you introduce yourselves to all the great new people that have been coming out lately.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Circus Sunday Oct. 29th!

Hey Kids!
We have been invited to come and train trapeze and high rope at the local circus arts center on Oct.29th. at 2:30pm. We only have about 12 spots so let us know if you are interested. A deposit will hold your place. Should be fun watching Coach A doing his monkey thing!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Hey all,

I just got an email from Piera Damonte, one of the team 6 old guard, that I thought you guys might enjoy:

"In early September, I went for a short backpacking trip and decided to put my legs to the test by loading my pack as heavy as I could, even to the point of carrying almost exclusively canned foods - enough to feed myself and my 2 packmates for 3 days and more. Even though none of us could hardly lift the pack, once I got it on, we marched over New Army Pass (at 12,000+ft.) confidently, passing 2 groups en route. Was I sore the next day? Or at all, ever, over those 4 days? No. After I got back from that, I had 1 day's rest and I then got on a plane bound for Colorado and was the #5 runner for the Penguins running team for the Outward Bound Relay (trans-Rockies relay race)- brutal runs, again, at elevation, with some substantial elevation gains and losses. I ran a total of 3 legs for 18+ miles even though I hadn't been running hardly at all since June. Was I ever sore? No. Stiff? No. Normally I would be! On my last 6 mile leg I even busted out some pushups before taking off (see pic) and sprinted the first and last 1/4 miles. Insane. It really is astounding. More and (much) bigger adventures to come. Thanks for all of your help..."

Nice work Piera! Hope to see you back soon.

Stay Strong,

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Sweat Angel

The residues of great effort are sometimes not immediately obvious. The implications and resonations of difficult training leave imprints on everything we do.