Friday, January 11, 2008

Athlete Profile: Josh Cunningham

If you've hung out at SFCF for more than a day, chances are that you've run across JC as he's know on the scoreboard. Sure he was an elite level cyclist, sure he can do more pull ups than you, but did you know he's one of the best all round guys out there? He's the kind of guy you want to invite on your surfing Man-cation (manly vacation). And he's the kind of guys that you want in the car when an RPG bounces off your hood. Ladies and Gents....JC

Name: Josh Cunningham
Age: 30 (really)
Favorite Beer: Sierra Nevada
Best CF Moment: Puking 25min after a workout in the middle of the Marina on Lombard/Polk
CF Love: Snatching

Present Occupation: Rep for OraPharma
Future: In the middle of interviewing for Business School.
First Choice: Cornell
Will Work is Butt off so: He can sail around the world one day.
Little Known Fact: Has been shot at on every continent except Antarctica.
Been CFing for: 23 months with SFCF for 21 months.


Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention his initials.

Josh C said...

Weird, my name is Josh Cunningham too, I'm in San Diego, and I'm just learning about Crossfit. Amazing what you find by googling yourself.

Josh Cunningham said...

In the end, there can only be one.