Thursday, January 03, 2008

King of Convenience

Earl Tupper. He sold his company for 16 million in 1958. Tupperware has been around since 1942, invented by its namesake and popularized by Tupperware parties; it is truly an American institution. I like it because it allows me the portable convenience of high-quality, hormonally intelligent food at my fingertips. Busy days usually involve a lot of running around and there is nothing more important in the effort to staying fueled than Tupperware. It comes in all sizes and accomodates everything from liquids to meat cookies. If you have an unusual vittle that doesn't fit the standard shapes and sizes, check out the main site, they should have it in stock.

I start my day by poaching the necessary pre-cooked foods from the fridge (I prepare all my food for the week on Sunday) and loading up the Tupperware with what is necessary until I can return home. Don't be afraid to comingle: greens and meats, fruits and nuts, etc.

The bottom line is I always try to have something good to eat, regardless of how crazy my schedule gets. I feel good, I perform better and most importantly I know what I am putting into my body.

Coach Kevin

PS All "Tupperware" is fair game; bought soup from Whole Foods and have a great quart container? Reuse it. It's just a name.

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Anonymous said...

does this mean that kevin will be hosting a tupperware party in the future? will aneel be demonstrating how "tough" the tupperware is by doing box jumps on it? good info though