Saturday, January 05, 2008

We fail at the margins of our experience.

We do you know. People are shocked when they fail to perform well in environments that differ more than a little bit from their 72 degree, air conditioned, windless, rainless, gyms.

For example, if you only train at night, chances are that you won't perform well in a race, or ski your best, etc., if you are doing an activity that doesn't take place at about the same time as your normal training.

Some would describe the state of mastery as being able to perform at the same level independent of weather, stress, time of day, temperature, or audience.

And sometimes, to improve the range and depth of our experiences, we just need to do thrusters in the worst storm to hit San Francisco in a decade.

Coach K


Nicholas said...

The 7:30 group looks significantly warmer, pre - 20 minute downpour.

Shawn S. Sullivan said...

love working out in the rain. makes me feel more alive. favorite nyc marathon was with a huge thunderstorm that lasted from mile 12-20. it gets so bad it gets good. bring it on.