Thursday, January 10, 2008

Community Commiseration

The wonderful thing about Crossfit workouts is that everyone suffers. No one is beyond "gassing out," or hitting the wall. There is something magically cohesive about group suffering; it forges bonds between athletes, it earns respect from your peers. If you finish the workout and there are athletes still on the course, go encourage them and push them along. Just hearing an encouraging word can make all the difference. It might be you who needs it next time.

Check out the pics of the 7pm class pulling each other along. Great work!

Coach Kevin


Anonymous said...

good workout: 5 deadlifts, 5 squat-cleans, 5 anyhow presses, 7 pullups and 20 double-unders

Adam said...

...x4 rounds

Govannon said...

Thx for the nice workout! It has been much fun to visit SF-CF.
Daniel from Munich