Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Do You Do With Your Fitness?

Ok, so you're fit. So what? Yeah, yeah, you have lower blood pressure, better bone density, leaner body mass, better insulin sensitivity, and maybe you even look good naked. But what does it mean when expressed in the rest of your life?

Can you ride faster? Run faster? Swim farther without pain? Fight better?

Brad Ludden is one of our satellite athletes and a long time friend of SFCF. Here he is two weeks ago in Laos, putting his body where is mouth is. What about you?

Post improvements in your sporting life to comments.

Coach K


Matt said...

I raced a cable car up Hyde, turned left on Washington and beat it to Jones St. Someone asked me if I was on steroids.

Steven said...

Backpacking is now a breeze!

Also, I occasionally ride mountain bikes with a group of guys that are all about 10-15 years younger than I am. The first 40 minutes or so of the ride the pace is punishing for me, but for the remainder of the ride I'm returning the favor. The priceless part is that the next day I'm ready to go again with fresh legs and their legs are still hammered.

Most importantly I can now 1 arm push press my 12 year old daughter overhead. It's great fun at family dinners!

Adam said...

Since starting Crossfit I've placed in races without sport-specific training:

9/23/2007: 2nd (out of 10): Root 66 Northeast XC MTN Bike Race Series finals (19-29 sport men). I dropped out of this same race 5 years ago.

11/03/2007: 2nd place (out of 141): Stinson Beach 7 mile trail run (Dipsea trail)

12/01/2007: 17th place (out of 88): Northface Endurance Challenge 50k

1/28/2008: 8.5m road run in 54'06" (~6'22" pace), more than a minute/mile faster than this time last year.

...I run a couple times a week and ride my bike to get around. Crossfit 3-5 days a week.

Nicholas said...

My running has definitely improved. I hadn't run since November or so, and I was running 8 minute splits on a 10k with a buddy. It was definitely a more leisurely pace than it would have been 6 mos ago, and that was when I was running everyday!! I am more excited to see how my golf improves when the weather gets better.

Will said...

Old SFCFer here. Just wanted to share the latest in Chicago. Hope it's okay to post a link to a little youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDVoDa355UY

Not only that, but I just topped off a 5X5 overhead squat with 205#'s. All thanks to some great coaches in SF. Hope you all are great and working hard.

Sean said...

Last year I played Rugby (once), joined an Ice Hockey league (having never played it), and 'learned' to surf.

Most of this was done with a "Bad back", proving the point that if you want to avoid being sick, stay as far away from Well as possible.

Sarah said...

On the soccer field, everything has improved, my cuts are sharper and faster, my first step toward the ball are faster, and my shooting has a little more punch to it!