Friday, July 25, 2008

The Point

Crossfit for Crossfit's sake is good no doubt.
But the point of all that CF whoopass is that you can go out into the world KNOWING that you are prepared for anything. And the best part is that it's almost impossible to forsee all the implications of your hard training. At Crossfit, we like to say we are preparing our athletes for the unknown and the unknowable.
And the bonus is, that wherever you go, you take a little bit of SFCF with you.

Just like our man in Iraq. We can't identify him because he's sporting our beanie on patrol, but we can say that his wife Jaime, kicks some serious butt at SFCF.

Post the strangest, most unforseen way CF has affected your physical life outside of class. Did you bench press a buddies car? Did you rock trapeze class? Let us know!

Coach Kstar


Anonymous said...

I havent had any huge events that have really tested it. Other than the results I feel during workouts, or better times during WOD's. The only thing I've done that showed increased strength was when I was moving furniture with mom, I was practically lifting the couch off the ground single handed with her dangling off it as if she was helping. I dont encounter much combat selling insurance in my daily life. However there was one incident about three weeks ago where I choked out a polar bear who started a fight with me because I kept beating him at beer pong in the marina. He had a real attitude problem.

Anonymous said...

None other than Lucas


Anonymous said...

Does replacing the behemoth Arrowhead water bottle at work count? Cuz I can do that now.

:) Kitty

Cheryl Joan Sellers said...

I recently went on vacation with my parents, and it involved some crazy spelunking - I found myself crab walking, squatting, crouching, and pulling myself through tiny little spaces. So next time Kelly makes us walk around in a deep squat asking about everyone's breakfast - that's a great caving move!

sean M said...

When I go hiking or Mtn Biking now, I feel as though I can go forever and my friends are needing to constantly take breaks. It has definitely helped with balance while I have been learning to Kiteboard as well.

Also, I dominate at Dance Dance Revolution now. Footwork is much improved as well as stamina.

Aaron said...

I call for a dance off.

Steven said...

Let me count the ways

Now I look forward to helping people move . . .

I don't loose wrestling matches with my wife anymore.

I can play tag with my kids.

I could go on and on. Most memorable however was last year I went on a river trip and was sitting in the back of the boat with the river guide when she distracted me by pointing out something on the shore, then grabbed by foot/leg and tried to lever me out of the boat. Without thinking I dropped into the bottom of a squat, full foot stomp, grabbed her life jacket and cleaned/held her up off the bottom of the boat. We called a friendly truce. Couldn't believe how fast I had moved.

Same trip, my weekend warrior buddies, all 5-15 years younger, and skinier, were sore after paddling for three days. I felt fine. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Drunken feats of strength; they happen weekly, and thanks to Crossfit they are not performed weakly.


Ross Naughton said...

Dave T has an on-point story. Show me the gun!!

Ross Naughton said...

I'm with Aneel re: drunken feats of strength, and I applaud his exquisite phrasing. Favorites in this regard include HSPU and pistols. I've attempted The Flag, but have failed because I don't how to do it. I've also noticed a reduction in the acceptance rate of my arm-wrestling challenges. However, one might chalk this up to people growing tired of me unashamedly insulting them as they routinely beat me.

Anonymous said...

I got Shit on by my daughter on an airplane, I held her up while her mom cleaned us off for a crazy long time. also I can now levitate.

Michael Papes

Corrine said...


Angel said he can't come to the open gym. He also said that Adrian is out of town. Not sure if Kelly will come to open it up. I hope so.

Thought I would let people know just in case. I emailed Kelly. If I hear anything, I will post it on the blog.

FilthyBrit said...

Great picture! "How to be a Bad Ass 101(st)." Thank you so much for your service (Jaime too!).

Mauricio said...

I'm able to lift, quite possibly the hardest thing to lift sometimes. I can lift my head. Pretty high too.

Matt said...

To Jaime's husband. Thank you and come home safe.

Crossfit isn't a physical activity. It's a mental activity. In order to achieve a faster Fran time, pick up a heavy bag of groceries, or fireman carry your wounded buddy under fire, you don't rely on what you know your physical abilities to be. You rely on what you know you must do.

Past achievements might be an indicator of where your capabilities are. You can graph out an expected curve of improvement in any of the physical disciplines crossfit identifies, but it's your determination to do something beyond the arc of those achievements that allow you to jump the line in the graph. It's your body following your mind, albeit hurting, kicking and screaming. It's achieving far more than what might have been thought possible by you or anyone else. Often times it's the moment of necessity that allows you to realize these breakthroughs, but occasionally you see it in day to day athletic achievements as well.

Case in point is Dial's 4:50 Fran time. A multiple minute improvement over his time less than a month before. Sandbagger.

Another case in point is when Jason Bourne jumps from one building to another, through a glass door to engage in mortal hand to hand combat with a stone cold killer. I haven't had the opportunity to participate in events such as that, but it's essentially why I do crossfit---so I can jump through buildings.

J.D. said...

Basically it goes with us everywhere. I haven't been on a vacation or trip that I haven't been able to find a WOD of some sort to do regardless of equipment. I see hills rocks tree branches dumbells stairs or whatever as possible tools of fun and or torture. This weekend in tahoe...

Catherine performed cousin thrusters (45 and 65lbs) limiting factor being keeping the weight from running away to chase crawdads.And also mom DL's weight unknown.
JD performed cousin presses and cousinsittingoncooler deadlifts with catherine benchpresses.

JD and Cath

Adrian said...

Michael Papes wins.


Adrian said...

Michael Papes wins.


Adrian said...

Michael Papes wins.