Wednesday, July 09, 2008

These old things?

Let's talk about those lower extremities. The ol' sticks, you know? As bi-peds, learning to extend the hip and leg is pretty critical. We need these pillars of support to be exactly that, not rickety old picket fence supports.

Ever wonder why it's almost universally attractive to both men and women to have nice legs and, uh, gluteus maximus? We depend on these old things to get us around and out of jams on a daily basis. The more development down there, the more potential function just about everywhere. Don't take those sticks for granted!

I took a few pics of the CrossFit Games this weekend. Here is one of the workout stations I helped out at on Saturday:

Can you spot the OG SFCFer in this pic?

I was fortunate enough to spend the evening after the games on the santa cruz boardwalk with Pat Barber from CF Santa Cruz, Shahan Contractor and Chris Spealler from CF Park City, and Dutch Lowy of CF ATM. Yes, we were the coolest people there...

See you all in the AM,



Nick said...

Adrian still wins for the whitest legs. Although Pat wins for the manimalist beard.

Anonymous said...

Where's Aneel? In the lower left-hand corner.

Unknown said...

id love to have a Where's Aneel? book! great call.
And come on Raj, hurry up and look up "manimalist" on google already... it'll make me feel better after i disatered so bad

FilthyBrit said...

Not sure what Shahan has between his legs.

P.S. Isn't it a little weird how we all know the first names of people we've never met before?

FilthyBrit said...

P.P.S. Boz, I will never doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion again.

Anonymous said...


I agree. We never met these people but refer to them like rock stars. But im sure our blog posts are so famous we would be hounded for autographs at next years games. We might even need to bring a security team to fend of fans hoping for us to autograph their t-shirts with a clever anecdote. It is our blog posts that will live on far after we have gone into the earth. BTW...Boz you would have been awesome at the Games this year. Next year we wear our poseidon t-shirts to the games and rip them off like hulk hogan at the conclusion.


FilthyBrit said...


I fear you may be right. With all the pictures and videos floating around from July 4, I have no doubt someone will use their sneaky panther games to embarrass me on this blog.