Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All In the Hips

Part of being an efficient athlete is having a good relationship with your hips. As bi-peds, the strongest force we can produce comes about with rapid hip extension.

Stand up. Now bend over and put your hands on your knees. Make sure you keep a big chest and stick your butt out. Notice the angle that is created between your femur and your torso. When this angle is present, the hip is said to be 'closed' or 'flexed'. Stand up straight. Notice the relationship between torso and femur (it should be a straight slouching!). The hip is now 'open' or 'extended'. The next time your coach is yelling at you to 'get your hips open' you now know where to go.

Being able to rapidly transition between an open and closed hip has a myriad of uses and can improve just about any athletic function. Think jumping, running and even changing direction. Here, Kelly demonstrates what active hips can do for you:

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Genetic Potential said...

Dudie! Flying Squirrel into HEAVY Back Squats... BRILLIANT! Oooot!

Mel Mack said...

First of all You are an amazing Athlete Kstar! Second, Rad Shirt dude. Where do i get one of those:-)

J.D. said...

nice chucks, nice squat.