Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Seems simple enough:

1000m Row
50 Thrusters with the open 20kg bar
30 Pullups

But make no mistake, you'll leave your lungs at the gate!!

We had a ton of killer performances tonight...Aneel and JD both under 7 minutes and a gang of you under 10. That is awesome! Nice work everyone.


PS A word about the new score-board....that is there for you to track your own progress. It is just a quick reference for you. Nobody has to authorize it or anything weird like that (it's not a bank account). You can inflate your lifts etc all you like on that thing, but to make it on the big board (soon to be updated) it has to be a legit, witnessed attempt. Have fun!


J.D. said...

jackie ruined me like nothing has in a long time... that lady is definitly a tramp

Kelly Starrett said...

More Snake Heads have been snogged from Jackie than any other workout.

Jackie is blunt, yet crushing.
She's devastating yet, debilitating.

Nice work Gang!

Coach kstar

Anonymous said...

Good Work last night gang. That was the first time I met Jackie, and she beat me like I stole something from her. She invaded my body like a demon and threw lactic acid all over my body. My favorite part was when it was over. I now know what it feels like to have a woman take your manhood. I had to shower twice last night because I felt so violated. Hopefully Ill regain some respect for myself tonight. ------Lucas

Nick said...

Damn lucas, its just a workout, not a sucubus.

FilthyBrit said...

I came very close to losing my vomition virginity to Jackie last night. It would have been intense. Ah well, next time.

Matt said...

I tasted the lactic acid in my mouth. Not too many workouts do that to me. I love that taste. Jackie x 2 anybody?

Nick said...

f that. One was enough this morning for me.

Adrian said...


Try Jackie, rest two minutes, then her little sister (everything halved). It's a good time!


Matt said...

Ooohh. Talk dirty Adrian. Maybe I will give that a shot this weekend.


Stevo said...

jackie != fun