Saturday, April 19, 2008

House Keeping!

We've recently added a new mini-log for our regulars. Now you can track your best lifts and times for quick reference down here. Claim your space and get cracking! Please make sure you write inside the lines, as the whiteboard marker will erase the permanent ink-lines.

We will also be re-doing the house-record board. Only the top 5 'as-written' scores will be kept on the coveted house-record board, so let the games begin!

Check out how neat and tidy the boxes and racks are:

Let's all make the effort to keep our equipment orderly.

Lastly, keep your massive levels of Crossfit-developed conditioning in check. 7 feet of bar is no match...

Train hard,


Corrine said...


Save me and Caveman two spots.


FilthyBrit said...

Jeans Implosion For Time

1. Boz

Kelly Starrett said...

Snake Head Snoggings

Aneel: Lots
Dial: Aneel + 1

And Kstar stills holds the SFCF record for wrecked pants. Which is not to be confused with disaster pants, which I'm pretty sure Aneel also owns.

Boz said...

Max rounds special shoes:

1. Michael

Boz said...

Heaviest photo-avatar:


PS How do I get a sweet photo like that in my posts?

Nick said...

Seriously...and where did he get that photo from in the first place!!


FilthyBrit said...

You need to set up a Google/Blogger account to chose a photo.

Corrine and I were literally losing our minds in our living room 4 days before the bar exam. So obviously I suggested a caveman photo shoot. That was the result.


P.S. That hat was made from a wolf that tried to attack my mother's camp while she was riding horses across Mongolia. Very musky.

Patrick said...

look at all that orderly purdy equipment. Did yall get more black mats and boxes? or am i just trippen...

Jeff L. said...

I'm not an elite athlete, I just train with them