Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Do you spend all day inside, looking forward to going back inside to workout?
I mean, who doesn't love to train under bad lighting. Right?
Wrong. Check out the "Sixees" getting their daily dose of righteous view and killer lighting.
Tell your friends you know about a better way.


6pm Monsters "the Sixees"


FilthyBrit said...

If we were Roman, they'd be the "Sexees."

Anonymous said...

Good job sixees. Ill see my seven o'clock soldiers tonight. Its been too long

Anonymous said...

Who's that cutie in the left hand corner? Looks like birthday boy Josh C. I believe he's 31 today! So wish him well for me if you see him cuz I'm a morning "sixee"


Matt said...

Does that mean we're doing a 31 rep chipper?

Josh Cunningham said...

Sorry for the lack of a b-day workout, I went surfing followed by beer and pizza.