Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shin and Bones

"A Case for Landing With Both Feet Wholly On The Box"

An all too common cue during workouts that involve box jumps is "land with your feet all the way on the box."

Coaches love to say this. We do.
And not because it looks better that way.

It turns out that landing with the whole foot on the box during metabolically difficult workouts prevents what we call "box bite." (See photo of shamed SFCF super star MacDaddy below)

Not only does landing with both feet completely on the platform help to ensure that a wipe out will less likely result in a future WOD that includes skin sewing for time, but it actually helps the athlete learn to absorb force at the foot in a toe to heel direction.

Is there merit in doing the sneaky half foot box hop? (see Aneel aka "pogo-curry" below)

Yes, but it comes with the possibility of a bad wipe out. And it should be known that while Aneel uses his "cheaters ten" method, he also both holds the SFCF Box Jump crown AND has never wiped out. But still we don't condone it. (he's cursed now for sure)

What do we perfer? See Diesel Kitty below.

And that's after cleaning 85.lbs sixty times.

As they said in Dune: Place your feet on the Box.

Coach K


Aneel said...

"pogo-kurry" (nice kelly) says, he clears his hip and is willing to take responsibility for his actions, eventhough he may, or may not have health insurance to back up his actions.

Anonymous said...

Kitty says she does have health insurance so that's not her reason for landing "wholly" on the box...rather its cuz she doesn't want to ruin her chances of one day getting her dream job as a shin model;)

P.S. Nice stems, pogo curry.

Anonymous said...

There really needs to be a CF work-out called The Gom Jabar.

Just sayin'...

"Tried and failed?"

"No, tried and died."

Anonymous said...

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