Monday, April 14, 2008


There are certain workouts that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling
before you even begin...a Frolic with Fran or an Evening with Elizabeth
perhaps. This morning's crew had the pleasure of meeting Grace and Cindy's
ugly half sister Grindy, a potent mix of weightlifting and high rep

Grindy is a great example of one of the most important aspects of
Crossfit programming: Constantly Varied. In other words, we are always
looking for 'the same but different' in our workouts. Tried Helen with
running? How bout with rowing? Done Elizabeth with power cleans or Squat
cleans? Try alternating between them each rep. Had your fun with Cindy?
Add in another element all together. Post some of your favourite variants
or fantasy girls to comments.

Have fun,



Matt T. said...

I saw the title for this post and I was sure that by mixer you meant a little gin or vodka, a little tonic.......

Nick said...

What happened to Kevin today? I think he may have had too many mixed drinks last night cause the natives were running the show this morning.

Anonymous said...

How about the deadlifts from Diane @225# w/ GHD wall ball with the 20# med ball. 21-15-9. That would be brutal. Thanks to Angel for another Magical Monday. My legs and butt are toasty.


Anonymous said...

No instructor today. Great day for a run. Then Nick said let's hit the stairs TWICE, on way to bridge, and then on way back. Nick what is the name of those hands that greeted us? Does Molly do anything NOT well? Good job crew! -Shawn

Beth said...

Hoppers hands Shawn. You have to touch the hands whenever you run down to fort point.