Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Michael and Carl have 'em. You should too. Next time you come in to workout, take a few minutes to work the technique of something you are less than perfect at. Before class is a great time to get a little something in...ask your coach for a progression if you're not sure how to approach something.

Also, Spread the word...there is no 6pm class tomorrow evening. Tell all your friends!

See you in the morning,



FilrhtBrit said...

Thanks for the props, but unlike Carl, I think "less than perfect" is an understatement when it comes to my HSPU SKILLZ! No where to go but up (and down), though!

Rock on!


Anonymous said...

Carl and Michael you guys rock for the quality HSPU. Anyone who was there last night now knows how lung taxing and nauseating 150 KB swings in under 20 mins feels. But I now feel as though I have two cobras running down the middle of my back after attempting to tame the KB Beast last night. Looking forward to tonights giant 7 pm class. See everyone there.
Stay Low--Lucas

Nick said...

We did that wod in the morning Wed. class and that was just a beast. However it was also a ton of fun.

FilthyBrit said...

P.S. Sorry to subject everyone to gratuitous shots of my happy trail.


Corrine said...

Doing all those KB swings, one set after another, was the closest I have come to puking so far. Having my body inverted during the hspu's didn't help either.

I am fairly certain that smaller classes = more difficult workouts = awesome. This week has been challenging and I wasn't even at class on Tues!

I can't wait to practice my handstands-my new favorite thing.

See you at 7,

Olivia de Santis said...

In complete agreement with Corrine, this week has been awesome.