Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Zed's Dead Baby...Zed's Dead

While one of the most beautiful aspects of Crossfit training is it's broad programming diversity, we must be sure never to forget the heart of the matter. Simple couplets and triplets of a classic body weight control (gymnastic movement like a pull up or handstand pushup) and a basic weightlifting element are the essential aspects of why crossfit works so well.

Sure, who doesn't love a 67 station chipper? Juliet? Pam? Don't loose sight of the forest for the trees. Keep your programming simple. Choose two or three exercises and smash them for time.
Besides, mixing 100kg deadlifting with high rep pullups really, really works.

Coach K


Cheryl Joan Sellers said...

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Killer workout, my back sausages are spicy today.

Aaron said...


Tony Springman said...

Amen to this post. I have exercise ADD. When I see a multi station WOD (chipper) , rope climb, row, box jump, sled, ass scratch....whatever- I dread setting it up or figuring out all the subs because I may not have equipment xyz. KISS principle baby... and I agree "crush it" Great site and blog, and congrats on the article.