Wednesday, February 06, 2008


How you approach a particular workout or movement can have a profound effect on your performance. Watch yourself carefully in your approach to movements and workouts you are less familiar with (or the ones you know will kick your ass). Don't let your previous encounter with a challenging progression dictate the tone of your workout. It is easy to convince yourself that what you are about to do is harder than the reality. However, if you are open to the individual experience you are much more likely to succeed. Find the point where your big brain tries to rationalize you into less than you are capable of and fix it.

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Nicholas said...

You know I read something once that you should approach each workout with a bit of fear.

More and more I am fearing the daily workouts...Part of the reason is to overcome my fear. The other part is because know that it is going to kick my ass. Also, as I have gotten stronger over the last 3 months the workouts have actually gotten much harder.

Either way, I come to crosSFit with a smile on my face.