Wednesday, February 13, 2008


As a thought experiment, see if you can come up with 3 workouts using items you have at home (or no equipment at all). Often you will find that some of the most effective workouts are born of neccessity, not abundance. Post your favourites to the comments.

Here's a good all round ass kicker, the burpee, in action. Note the absence of anything fancy...

Also, a reminder that the Saturday open gym is cancelled this week (Am classes are still on however) so spread the word!

See you at 6,



Anonymous said...

scrub 3 large pots
fold 10 towels
scrub 5 square feet of floor

5 rounds for time

Anonymous said...

For Time:
100 squats
75 sit ups
50 push ups
25 burpees
50 push ups
75 sit ups
100 squats


J.D. said...

Tabata in front of the TV...

full tabata rounds of:
L arm 35 lb DB swing
R arm 35 lb DB swing

Then i dare you to recite any dialouge spoken on the tv during that workout. I knew those dumbells would come in handy!!!

Steven said...

On a steep hill somewhere in Marin . . .

Sprint up the hill 4 street lights
20 pushups
Sprint back down the hill 4 street lights
20 squats

Repeat for max rounds in 20 minutes.

Also, I love/hate the 1 mile timed run!