Sunday, February 03, 2008


Preparing to be successful carries with it a higher percentage of actually being successful, than not preparing at all. It is a rare occurrence for someone to actually accomplish a goal or achieve a remarkable feat without preparation. One must commit to the process, focus on the goal and be mindful of all the little things that when executed, protect the continuation of their forward progress toward personal accomplishment.

A Sunday afternoon ritual I engage in is setting out my weekly fish oil and vitamin rations. I purchased a pill box from Walgreen's and every Sunday I set out my supplementation for the week. Now, one could argue that it would be just as easy to count out the pills every morning and consume accordingly. But, the person making that argument probably doesn't leave the house at 530am when the rattle of a vitamin bottle is enough to wake my wife, who shouldn't be disturbed before 7am. Get the point? The pill box allows me to get my supplementation and allows my wife to get her Z's. Everyone's happy. Do something this week to simply your life. Consolidate. Streamline. Prepare.

Coach Kevin


zlu said...

good trick!

austinb from CrossFit Unlimited said...

Hello SF CrossFit. I showed up the new year's day 2007 for a fun team workout led by "Boz". What a great coach.

I was just surfing through your blog and wow! The posts are awesome and very inspirational/educational. I have been to a few certs where Kelly is training and I always learn something new from him. I hope all you who train out there realize how lucky you are to have such great coaches.

I was thinking all this stuff and thought it deserved to be said, so there it is.

My mom lives in Nob Hill, so I will be sure to make it out there for a workout next time I'm in the city.

Spir@l said...

Our talented, tricky, trifecta coaches are undoubtedly THE BEST.