Monday, February 18, 2008

Zercher, Buuuudy.

The Zercher Squat is old school to be sure, and part of a collection of lifts called the "Odd Lifts". But, there is actually not anything weird about squating something that you are clutching to your chest. It turns out that while we typically train with barbells to overload functional movements, how we hold the barbell isn't really based in much reality. The Zercher squat is an attempt to bridge the divide between the lifting up of say, a heavy car transmission, and the beautiful functionality of using the modern barbell. Simple right? Definitely not easy.
Check out Saturday's crew practicing "old man strength".

Coach K


Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this post Kelly- now I know how to spell it...I came up with "Zirtzer" for my journal cuz I hadn't a clue!


Anonymous said...

where was everyone on monday night?