Sunday, March 16, 2008

"Don't be that guy..."

Yeah, when the arms bend the power ends.
Pulling with the arms before reaching full hip extension is not ideal.
Hey, that doesn't look like a great shoulder position.

It just looks bad. And, after all, it's not how your crossfit that matters, but how you LOOK crossfitting that matters.

Actually, Josh Cunningham is one of our best and so we feel slightly less guilty of making fun of his "flexing dog pooing" position.

The real question is (since Josh doesn't always move like this), at what point in the work out did this become ok?

The answer,it's not. Don't be that guy, or at least don't get caught on camera.

Coach K


Leif said...

At least he's not wearing a Crossfit t-shirt while doing his "flexing dog pooing" at Crossfit.

Nelson Muntz said...


Josh Cunningham said...

What round was that on? Oh yeah, two ahead of everyone else! I have no excuse because I could feel it at the end. Sumo dead-lift high pulls, yet another movement that I need to practice.