Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sport and Fitness

A quick word on Crossfit, Fitness, and Sport.
We want all of our athletes to play sports, run, swim, paddle, ski, surf, or whatever.
We believe that the kind of fitness for which we strive (broad, general, and inclusive) prepares a sort of ready state from which elite performance is possible. Whatever your sport is, we know absolutely that Crossfitting can and will improve it.

Duh Coach K, that's why we Crossfit.

But taken for granted within the above truism, is the very revolutionary idea that we must train for sport. That while we may gain physical benefits from our favorite outdoor activities, simply doing a lot of our sport will not make us fit.

I spend a great deal of time explaining to the injured runners in my physical therapy practice that they have to train to run. "But I run!" they say. "Isn't that fitness enough?" No, and that's why you are injured, slow, overweight, don't recover quickly, and not fast, quick, strong, or powerful.

The rest of the world gets fit so that they can play sport. We, the royal unenlightened we, do sports to get fit.

But not you. You Crossfit. That's why you will never be considered a weekend warrior.

So be sure to understand that sport is not enough. And, that it is not an accident that you destroyed that that other team playing dodge-ball. After all, you trained.

Coach K

(kayaking does not make you fit, but paddling with 315 lbs. of weight in your boat is a step closer)

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