Friday, March 28, 2008


How do you define Strength? Is it the ability to carry more load? To be able to control one's body to a higher degree? Making it through the work-week with a cool head? Defining what this means to you brings you one step closer to getting there. How do you want to be stronger? Add your definition/goals to comments.


Anonymous said...

This screams fun! You and me molly! Let's do this! Miss you so much! Be home going hard before you know it! Talking strength I want to feel amazing both mentally and physically...I have worked hard in the sports/athletics/games I love only. Never been a fan of wieghts myself... Now there is an exception called san francisco crossfit and I am stronger and faster and more free in everything I really love to do in this world! I think the feeling of pure maximum exhaustion after a workout of "fight gone bad" for example is one of the most fabulous feelings in the world... The point where you mentally override and push yourself to the tilt! This feeling is more easily acheived in crossfit workouts or at least more consistent. I love not being able to walk up or down stairs and unable to straighten my arms because I am so sore! I look forward to age seventy doing headstand pushups on the beach with you all before a bodysurf after a game of croquet!

FilthyBrit said...

I have some specific things I've had in the back of my head for a while, some of which are near-term goals, some long-term:

1. 50+ kipping pull-ups (Carl's on board for this one)
2. Body-weight press
3. Strict one-arm pull-up
4. Crossfit Total above 833

The last two may take forever!

Also, I think it's a great idea for us to set some challenges and time frames. One idea is to pick a Crossfit standard workout (like Fran or Grace), then one Saturday (maybe at the open-gym) set our baseline score. We could then do it again in a couple months, and compare our times/weights and percentage improvement relative to our baseline scores. Let me know if you're interested!


Anonymous said...

for me,

Strength is...

not giving in to my warm bed (and the pitch black sky) when the alarm goes off at 5:15am for class.

its also..

doing 23 kipping pull-ups in a single workout ("Nicole") when a couple yrs ago I was pretty sure girls didn't/couldn't do pull-ups.

and its also..

not giving in to the chocolate- covered Macadamia nuts that my umpteenth co-worker has kindly brought back from Hawaii ;)


J.D. said...

Snatch 100 kilos... score 10 on a 225lb tabata deadlift and then join the 3,4,5 club. then id feel strong. and oh yeah 450 FGB!

Steven said...

Strength is saying no to Cheeto's!

thebellgirl said...

Dare I say that the elusive pull-up will one day define me as being strong?

Anonymous said...

Let's See.

415 Deadlift
Bodyweight OHS
200 pound snatch
Bodyweight Press
350 FGB
1:25 500m Row
Sub 5 Min Fran
7:30 Fran.

These will all fall this year. Light Weight!

Anonymous said...

OOPs. I meant 7:30 Helen


Anonymous said...

Corby mLmL...
You are my hero! Can't wait to try this with you all dressed in pink! Strength to me is believing and allowing yourself to become the the superhero you know you are. Can't wait to play croquet with you with a bottle of wine in hand at age 80, celbrating another 10 years...