Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Elbows UP!

Hey Gang,
I wanted to take a moment to share this picture of Coach Boz from last weekend.
Yeah, that's 270lbs on the bar. Boz weighs 165ish. One of the reasons he is such a monster (besides natural talent, freakish strength, work ethic etc) is that he does a lot of little things right. These small efficiencies aggregate and become increased functional application of talent, freakish strength, work ethic, etc.

In this photo, note how straight his back is on the catch position in the hole. Most importantly note how high his elbows are. Keeping elbows up in that position allows him to keep tension in his upper back and ultimately his back straight. As you approach the margins of your strength, power, and capacities the little things really add up.

Technique is nothing. Application of technique is everything.

Nice job Coach Boz!

Coach K


Danielle said...

Impeccable BOZ and Pretty too! "it is not how you crossfit but how you look when you crossfit" I think we should all try to "be that guy". It is a real pleasure to spend time on your site. You are the real deal up there. I look forward to the day I finally come up and hang out. Keep up the STRONG WORK!

FilthyBrit said...

That's freaking awesome! Seeing stuff like that makes it really hard to think about anything other than getting to class at 7. I'll probably "waste" my whole work day looking at videos of cleans on crossfit.com now! Sweet!


Adrian said...

Thanks for the kind words!

For the record (not to be a geek about it, but I totally am) it's 274...those little 1kg green plates almost buried me! That lift felt much uglier than it looked...

See you guys soon,

Adrian said...

and also, it was a great pleasure to lift with Tony B of Crossfit media fame, Freddy and Jolie of One World Crossfit and Austin of Crossfit Unlimited. All of those guys set PRs in that session which was hugely inspiring!


Anonymous said...

Love it Boz! You became what you were doing and the conflict vanished. All that was left was you and the weight. Awesome. I just got really deep right there. Im gonna go do some handstand pushups by the water cooler and see what happens. Congrats Boz---Lucas

Josh Cunningham said...

Nice job Boz!

J.D. said...

wow... im really looking forward to some olifting sat and wed afternoons now. i just realized i have a huge mountain to climb