Sunday, March 02, 2008

Genetic Potential

Being involved in the Crossfit community has allowed me the pleasure to train and witness some amazing athletes. The common denominators they all shared were work ethic, good coaching, proper nutrition and good genes. The former attributes can be learned, taught, instilled and disciplined into anyone given proper time and dosage. The latter, well I am sad to say, you have to be born with. But, this is nothing to stop us all from reaching our own personal potential and exceed our own expectations. Eat right and Crossfit, you will be more than you ever thought possible and you will appreciate those that can do what you cannot even more.

One more piece of advice I recently read, "If you want to be an Olympic Champion, choose your parents wisely."

Mr. Erving apparently had the genetic potential to be a professional athlete; my wife sure can appreciate that.

Coach Kevin

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