Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What a bunch of POSERs!

Thanks to everyone that attended this weekend's POSE running clinics!
The feed back so far is that we need to have another round very soon.
Special thanks to JD Cafaro for his amazing cooking.

Most importantly, thanks to Brian and Melissa McKenzie for the fantastic coaching and for not making too much fun of my running.

Anyone else notice a little new calf tightness?

Coach K


Nick said...

Yes, definitely some calf tightness. I did the drills on Sunday and it was way worse after that.

Either way it was a great clinic. I hope they come up again soon.

Matt said...

No soreness, but I find adopting a new running technique far more challenging than any olympic lift. If interested, here is Ryan Hall running, the fastest American Marathoner.


Luca said...

Thanks guys for hosting the seminar, Brian is a great trainer, my calf are very sore but I'm happy to have learn a better way to run, keep me posted on future seminars.

Corrine said...

I was particularly sore behind my knees (upper calf area). Brian noted that this may happen because with proper pose the knee is not locking out and you begin to use a different muscle. I bet Kelly can provide more specifics on this.
Monday's pm workout(weighted jumping squats and doubleunders) helped to work out the kinks. :)


FilthyBrit said...

The seminar was awesome! Thanks!

Check out this video of Michael Johnson using something that clearly resembles POSE technique:


J.D. said...

side note... anyone pick up a blue VS shoe bag after class last night on accident? it had my HRate monitor in it...


Anonymous said...

Hey JD this is your blue VS shoe bag. I didnt like the way you were treating me and decided to leave and find a new owner who treats me with respect. I wish you the best at sf crossfit and hope you have learned your lesson. Oh yea, your HR monitor says hello. She's mad at you as well....thats right she's a woman...and she deserves your respect. End Message

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm... chicken.... thanks JD